Viking MB 448 VC - Mono Handle feedback please

Looking for general feedback on the 4 series from Viking. I want something to use daily on smaller lawns (have 21" Hayter for bigger stuff) .... Particularly interested in how these mono handles bear up when being ramped in and out of a van multiple times a day

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    Hi paul,  the handle wouldnt concern me, it would be the polymer deck

    on the 4,s & 5,s very shallow depth compared to the 6,s... not  good airflow

    and damp-wet grass sticks to the deck like shite, I brought the 545 last

    season for small lawns but the deck is a pain....if your budget could stretch 

    id go for the 650 series prob £150-£200 more but miles better engines and 

    grass collection is spot on, thats if your looking at vikings....personally i wouldnt 

    buy a 4 or 5 machine id look at different manufacturers.

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      Thats great info Mark .... thanks for that.

      Out of interest ... sub £400 and ideally around 25-28kg (lighter the better) .... what other manufacturer and models would you suggest?? .... Although will be used daily it will only be the smaller lawns or stuff my 21" struggles with access

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        Probably looking at a Honda izy in this price range. Bombproof really.
  • I have no experience of that model but the viking mulcher we had went through two or three handles in a season. Wouldnt touch a viking mower since
    Had a small domestic grade atco mower which worked great.
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