Victoria Plum problem

Hi Guys,

At the start of the year I planted a Victoria plum, purchased from my local trade garden centre. Now 4 and a bit months on the customer has written saying that they believe there is a problem with the tree. They are not seeking any recourse action, just after my opinion of what is the problem.

To tell you the truth, tree diseases are not my strong point and after looking at various sites on the net, I am still at a loss. So why not try the good and varied knowledge on this forum. I have attached a couple of photos that were sent to me. The customer is based on the coast if Fife, ground condition are fine, well drained soil, garden is south west facing. Climate this year has been poor, like most, a roasting April and May, with a very wet June and July with mid temperatures. The plant itself, I am told has three plums on it.


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    any more photos than that one ?

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    its been one hell of a weird year for plan to deal with -- no water -- too much heat -- cold -- too much water 

    i have clients with trees already changing leaf colour. 

    Maybe get some more info from client -- have they been watering it -- how often and how much? Have they fed it ? 

    TBH after this year i would expect most newly planted trees to have some issues unless you have kept a good eye on it. . 

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's probably a bit of water stress. It takes a couple of years for a newly planted tree to get settled in and they need lots of regular watering to begin with. I would suggest to the customer to put lots of organic mulch around the base of the tree this autumn and hopefully they can expect a good crop of plums next year! 

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      maybe some Seaweed with sequested iron as a liquid feed 

  • I'm far from an expert but I would take the plums off for the first year to concentrate the growth in the roots of the plant rather than the fruit. Also I wouldn't be too concerned, just a good mulch in autumn will benefit it.

  • The leaf veins are a healthy green but the tissues between are paler and yellowing? I think that indicates a specific mineral or nutrient deficiency but I can't remember which off the top of my head. The seaweed suggested may be a good idea as it supplies alot of micronutrients?
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      Could it be a nitrogen deficiency ?, I would try adding some 777 slow release fertiliser such as grow more .

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    One of my clients has received a letter saying the grouse shooting has been cancelled on the estate he has visited in Scotland for several years, due to the adverse weather conditions affecting the rearing of the grouse resulting in a lack of available birds.

    My understanding is that the weather this year has caused a multitude of problems in Scotland, is this another to add to the list?

  • it could be magnesium deficiency as it gets locked up in dry soil. I know we have had a lot of rain but also a lot of wind and deeper down the soil is dry 

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