Van suggestions and reliability.

Hi All, after discussing racking systems for a small van, I now have to accept I need a bigger van. I currently have a Peugeot Partner, which has been great to start with but now struggle to get all the kit in it! Looking at a vauxhall vivaro sized van as a guide, considered the expert or dispatch but not hearing great things. Will also need to tow a 6x4 trailer with waste. Any suggestions from personal experience would be gratefully received. I'll have around £6000 for a van in a couple of months to give a rough guide. Thanks.

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  • Hi David,
    I have had most makes of van throughout the years and I've found you can't go far wrong with a transit for reliability. It's just a shame they rust quicker than most
    • I've read they're a workhorse, I live on the coast and everything rusts here however well built. It's a shame Ford don't do more on the rust problem.
  • PRO
    I last changed my van getting my NV200 as a year old pre-registered vehicle four years ago, so it was twelve months old with the latest registration and 14 miles on the clock. The dealer took my Trafic as a deposit on RCI the Renault, Nissan bank did a HP deal.

    So four years on I have a six year old van that is on a 12 plate and has 20,000 miles on the clock. I have had it serviced and bought five tyres, four were replaced as standing in the dealership stock yard for a year without moving is not good for the sidewalls and one of the replacements was then damaged.

    Now I need to look after it and make it last at least another six years, preferably ten to see me through to retirement.

    So basically I bought what I could get a good deal on at the time rather than choosing a specific deal.

    If I were choosing a van now I would pay a lot more attention to the engine and fuel, the NV200 is Euro 5 and if I were to drive in London I will be penalised being charged penalty payments for access.

    So in the current political climate I would be aiming for a Euro 6 engine though cost would still be a limiting factor.

    The technology that I have never considered is Bluemotion where Adblue is used to reduce emissions in Volkswagen engines

    I presume other manufacturers offer similar engines that use Adblue, is it something that should be given serious consideration?

    VW Vans: About BlueMotion Technology | VWCV (UK)
    See why BlueMotion technology, consisting of cruise control, low rolling resistance tyres, regenerative breaking and Start/Stop, can help you save mo…
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