Van suggestions and reliability.

Hi All, after discussing racking systems for a small van, I now have to accept I need a bigger van. I currently have a Peugeot Partner, which has been great to start with but now struggle to get all the kit in it! Looking at a vauxhall vivaro sized van as a guide, considered the expert or dispatch but not hearing great things. Will also need to tow a 6x4 trailer with waste. Any suggestions from personal experience would be gratefully received. I'll have around £6000 for a van in a couple of months to give a rough guide. Thanks.

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    My first van was a Hyundai iLoad. Very nice to drive, MPV like, 2.3m load length, air con, 35mpg. £6k will get you one of those. Was very reliable too. Had twin side doors which made it very practical. Not good with a 1 ton load though.

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    The newer fords are nice to drive. The older transits not so good - bit rattly. The older shape Vivaro is same size as newer one - look to those as well.

    One thing I found was that maintenance and down time on older vehicles become a problem, but were lawn care, multi stop, so tend to be harder on vans. Ended up going new and leasing. For garden maintenance, should not be such an issue.

    • Something to consider, I don't travel to more than 2 or 3 jobs in a day, 3 days a week are full days on large gardens so not travelling much. It'll be for private use as well so trying to get best fuel consumption as well.
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    Nobody has mentioned passenger seats, a double passenger seat is essential for moving kids, grandkids and more than one assistant around.

    Having said that, if you have someone to drive for you, you can sit in the passenger seat yourself and catch up with answering phone calls and the like, so a larger seat gives you room to spread out.

    I had a Renault Trafic swb and hated it only having one side cargo door, meaning I had to climb over things to get to the far corner.

    A steel bulkhead dividing the front cabin from the cargo is something I consider essential, though I know people who have taken them out.

    My all time favourites were the bay window VW pickup my dad had when I passed my test and a VW Caddy pickup I bought cheap, the dealer made me sign a disclaimer to say I accepted it may not be Road worthy before I drove it home! However it passed its MOT and with the Golf 1600 cc twin choke petrol engine under the bonnet it amazed a few people pulling away at traffic lights and the like.

    Currently I have a Nissan NV200 and intend to make it last until I retire, though it may be getting a bit old by then.

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      How is the NV200 with a load? Was considering one as a replacement for my old transit MWB medium roof, but I have a feeling the DCi engine wouldn't like a full load + trailer on..?
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        That's quite the downsive in van to go from a MWB transit to a NVQ

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          I know! I'm trying not to look at vans but mine took 1250 off of me last year and 340 for brake stuff before the MOT, I suppose it might be better the devil I know as I've been doing 80% of the vanwork and welding myself.

          Just boys wanting newer toys syndrome again I suppose ;)
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    Certainly consider the Vivaro, they are very car like to drive smooth and quiet. I recently brought one with 33k miles for £5k  (2005 plate).I recommend looking for an Ex BT one which means pretty light use and fully maintained by BT Fleet with service printout.

    • I've seen loads for sale at the moment, some with really low mileage. I'm narrowing it down I think to either a Peugeot expert 2.0L or go a bit bigger with the Vivaro. Going to try and spend around £6500 hoping it'll last a good few years.
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