Van suggestions and reliability.

Hi All, after discussing racking systems for a small van, I now have to accept I need a bigger van. I currently have a Peugeot Partner, which has been great to start with but now struggle to get all the kit in it! Looking at a vauxhall vivaro sized van as a guide, considered the expert or dispatch but not hearing great things. Will also need to tow a 6x4 trailer with waste. Any suggestions from personal experience would be gratefully received. I'll have around £6000 for a van in a couple of months to give a rough guide. Thanks.

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    Hi - I've been really pleased with my Peugeot Expert so far. They are a great size of vanfor our trade,depending on what you need them to do of course.What are the negative things you've heard about them?

    • Hi Steven, thanks, It was mainly lacking power under load and some roll cornering although you could question how fast they were going! Which engine size do you have and do you tow with it.
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        Mine is only the 1.6 and yes,the 2.0 would have been preferable but it was too good of a buy to turn down. I don't currently tow with it as it's not my main vehicle but I might need to look into that in the near future. I can easily get 2 mowers in there with plenty of spare room for everything else ie hedge cutter,strimmer a large sack of rubbish etc. Good luck.

        • Imagine the 2L will be better for towing, will have a closer look at the expert. What miles/gallon are you getting out of interest?
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            I don't know exactly but I'd say it's around 40mpg.

  • Hi David. I have just been in the same situation having recently started my own business. I was set on a medium/high top transit as you can stand up inside but then found a vauxhall movano for sale. Its taller than the vivaro so you can stand up, and with a medium wheelbase there's plenty of room in the back. 

    • Hi Rob, thanks, I've looked at ex fleet, there's loads for sale at the moment with low mileage and imagined they've had regular service etc. The main point is decent drive and reliability, something I'll get a good few years out of bar the usual costs. Cheers.
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    Wouldn't go Citroen as in our experience when they go wrong, and they do, often, the parts supply is slow. We've had our from new Relay off the road for a total of around 6 weeks in 2 years, and Citroen UK haven't supplied a replacement vehicle, only an allowance that leaves me out of pocket each time.

    Our vivaro has gone wrong, but been fixed quickly and is really good to drive and in lwb form is very spacious. Our fords have never gone wrong, but we haven't had a Custom, so no comment, just a Connect LWB and a Transit LWB.

    If it was me driving every day, I'd go for a new shape Vivaro 120 BiTurbo Sportive LWB. A very nice place to be and a very practical van. Takes weight well. If you can get one with a high roof all the better.

    • Thanks for that. Ford always get the reliable workhorse reviews, and I suppose parts are cheap if needed. Plenty around. I don't think I can stretch to the new shaped Vivaro, plus I think my customers would think I was charging too much. What were the Fords like on fuel ad drive?
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        I'm sure some of your clients have nice vehicles on their drives,are they earning too much? ; )

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