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does anyone no which company is the best ( cheapest ) for van insurance. I'm 25 and passed my test march 2016 and in that time someone has crashed into my car which there insurance paid out. that has not helped when comparing my insurance on as when i'm looking for van insurance for a 1.6 Peugeot partner it's just over £2000 if i pay it annually not monthly. £600 more if the crash never happened.

i no this isn't your typical question on this forum but with you all driving vans you might no a company that is cheaper if i was to phone them directly.  

Thank for any comment i receive. stressing out my nut with this as i'm giving up my job to go full time gardener and the insurance is putting a damper on it.

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  • I find Aviva insurance to be good try there website direct
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    The price difference between TPF&T and Fully Comp has massively reduced (try it on a Quote...) as the cost of repairing own vehicle on FC is insignificant to the payouts to Third Parties under both TPF&T and FC.

    Third Party payouts now contribute more to you insurance cost than even the vehicle value thanks to day time TV, Crash for Cash and other bogus whip-lash injuries.

    It has become common practice for Insurers to pay out ~£5k for anyone lodging a claim as the cost of defending such a claim on your behalf far outweighs that £5k payment to shut someone up settle their 'claim'.

    I feel sorry for anyone who does receive genuine injuries now....

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    Direct Line offer a dual vehicle discount although any no claims bonus can only apply to one vehicle , Do you have a family member with a vehicle who would be prepared to support you with this ? , If so it may be worth getting a quote . 

    It is a concern though as i have noticed my vehicle insurance rocketing yet i have several years no claims bonus and a clean driving license .

    My grandson just  bought his first car age 21 He mentioned something about a black box reducing his insurance costs but it comes with curfews and restrictions , I think His parents put him on their Insurance as a named driver but not certain if its reduced the cost of insurance . 

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      Tried the RAC black box, found it a real pain. The app nagged me weekly, oh and my 'driving score' that started at 100% gradually decreased to about 70%. 

      Looking at the gps readouts, the box had me speeding, braking hard and generally not driving so well. Of course they don't tend to tell porky's and it made me think about my driving. The speeding was mostly moving from a 60 to a 40 zone, going too fast on the changeover coming in to towns and villages. 

      Insurance renewal time last month, RAC quote was ridiculous, was it tied in with my black box? Don't know but the box has had the chop!

    • I think His parents put him on their Insurance as a named driver but not certain if its reduced the cost of insurance .

      Sounds like they're "fronting"..... as mentioned above, putting him down as a casual driver rather than the main one. If that is the case, I'd be tempted to warn them that the insurance may well be void with no payouts if there's an accident. The insurance companies are no fools and are well aware that this goes on and in the event of an accident, they'll be checking up on this.

      My son's girlfriend had one of these boxes.............. reduced her premium significantly there was no curfew/restrictions............ and it improved her driving as well!

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        Thanks Graham its worth mentioning  , I do know his parents restrict his use , He still has to get the bus to and from work :-) 

  • Definitely try Aviva. I was in the same situation as you and getting quotes of £1200 on the comparison sites. Went through Aviva and got it down to £400

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      Can vouch for Aviva, i have both my car and van insured through them. Good company. Can be a lottery on phone waiting times, i.e. instantaneous/five minutes, but I've never had a problem with them.
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    Just a small update on the insurance and van front. Got a berlingo 1.6 yesterday. compare the market were quoting £2100 for it and money super market quoted £1400. but best insurance you all advised to go to was aviva. phoned them up and it was £900. so i would like to thank everyone for there advice as £1200 savings is amazing and im over the moon :)

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