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does anyone no which company is the best ( cheapest ) for van insurance. I'm 25 and passed my test march 2016 and in that time someone has crashed into my car which there insurance paid out. that has not helped when comparing my insurance on as when i'm looking for van insurance for a 1.6 Peugeot partner it's just over £2000 if i pay it annually not monthly. £600 more if the crash never happened.

i no this isn't your typical question on this forum but with you all driving vans you might no a company that is cheaper if i was to phone them directly.  

Thank for any comment i receive. stressing out my nut with this as i'm giving up my job to go full time gardener and the insurance is putting a damper on it.

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      You really would be better talking to a broker on the phone you will be surprised what they can do.
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      Hi Andrew, If you haven't already you should read this article on the Money Saving Expert site or MSE

      I've used The Van Insurer before, which is useful but be mindful that they can pester you.

      Now I use a broker, I wanted the re-assurance that the insurance covered us for garden maintenance, design and plant fairs and using a trailer.  Which I found average companies couldn't seem to understand.

      BTW we paid about £300 last July, £220 the year before, £285 year before. But I passed my test back in 1981.

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    The days of taking a teenager on to irk gore you and sending them to a supplier to collect materials or to a job on their own have long gone! One of the builders I do work for has a thirty odd year labourer who has given up working in care homes and now needs to be mobile, even in his thirties as a new driver he has been quoted £3.5K to drive a £350 Clio.

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    If you haven't been driving for 12 months yet, I'm afraid you're not going to get cheap insurance.  All you can do is add it into your outgoings (which you should be doing anyway) and charge accordingly.  It might be worth holding onto your day job for another 12 months and gardening part time to build up some savings and customers.

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    ...or you can add another (more experienced) Driver which positively affects your premium.....

    There are deals to be had and agree, a Broker is the place to find them. They have access to introduction discounts and can poll across a greate range of insurers.

    Finally, no really believes they get the best deal via the comparisons they ?

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    unfortunately Darren i couldn't carry on doing shift work again and try and grow my garden business. i got 30 plus reg in my first year and plenty more jobs i turn down as i could fit them in with working full time also. by mid season i was completely run down but carried on as i loved working outside. 

    i'll certainly be looking at a broker as a few suggested and see what they can do for me.crazy wee world we live in as £2000 insurance is just plan crazy haha

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      I think I'd disagree. £2k is a lot of money no doubt. However I was paying £900 22 years ago on my first insurance renewal.
      New drivers are bigger risks to insurance companies so they have to charge accordingly. Another few years down the line it will become more affordable
  • I'd highly recommend Farm & general for insurance.

    Hope that helps.

  • £2000 is horrific. Could you manage without the comprehensive cover? Is this insurance covering tools? Can you increase the excess?  If you haven't purchased the van yet, why not pick up an oldish van....Transit/Connect?. for about £1500 or so....... you can pick up something quite reasonable at that price and you don't need to worry about comprehensive.   You might also find the premium drops if you can hang on a few weeks so that you've  had a years driving experience.

    I'd go back on the comparison site and try different configurations to see how you can lower that premium.

    It is an injustice that you can be involved in an accident............. not your fault and no claim on your insurance....... yet it counts against you and your premium is increased.  The problem is, and I can see the insurers point of view, that statistically, if you've been involved in a no-fault accident, you're more likely to be involved in an accident that is your fault..... it's just a fact. 

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      Hi graham. I've not purchased my van yet but every van i do put in no mater if its a 1.3 berlingo to a 1.8 Peugeot partner seem to be around £2000.i passed my test on the 17th of march last year but only got insurance around 15th april so if i was to wait till i at least had 1 year under my belt the season would have already start and im certainly won't used my car again as it messes it up and not professional enough as i need fast growth and i turn up at a potential custom in it.
      I'm certainly thinking about fire and theft as i end up save around £350 and any savings is a bonus especially if ill be happy with a van that can last 1 if not 2 seasons for what I'm willing to spend.

      I'll check them out jonathan much appreciated.
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