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does anyone no which company is the best ( cheapest ) for van insurance. I'm 25 and passed my test march 2016 and in that time someone has crashed into my car which there insurance paid out. that has not helped when comparing my insurance on as when i'm looking for van insurance for a 1.6 Peugeot partner it's just over £2000 if i pay it annually not monthly. £600 more if the crash never happened.

i no this isn't your typical question on this forum but with you all driving vans you might no a company that is cheaper if i was to phone them directly.  

Thank for any comment i receive. stressing out my nut with this as i'm giving up my job to go full time gardener and the insurance is putting a damper on it.

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    Have you tried using an insurance broker? It might be on a par with what you have been quoted, but if you use them for everything, PL etc. You will soon build up a good raptor and get good service. Only a thought.
    John S.
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      no i've not tried an insurance broker. do they just find a insurance company for you and get a commission same way as the compare sites but you can build a better relationship with them opposed to the big sites don't deal with you directly? 

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    try nfu, not the cheapest, but good for this trade as they understand the requirements. Plus will do public liability.

    Direct line may be cheaper and do both also.

  • Why aren't you just going on one of the comparison websites?.................. I use Compare the market............... my daughter likes the free cinema tickets.............. and I've always found good quotes through them.  Once you've found a quote there, itmight be worth just checking a couple of the companies that won't be on there like Directline.  Once you've got your quote, you are then directed to the insurers site. I'm afraid there's no "better relationship".............. they're all after your money and want to get away with paying as little as possible lol:)

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      Comparison websites are awkward for commercial insurance (at least in my case pick up truck).
      As for the price going up due to that crash did you go through to the actual website? Reason I ask is if the crash you were in was paid out in full by the third parties insurance you need to tell them that it was a no fault claim on your side. That should then knock the money off again! That's the theory anyway.
  • I have just insured my transit through the post office. It was the cheapest I could find, Fully comp with ncb protection was £150 for the year. A bargain and £50 cheaper than the renewal quote from my previous insurer

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      Is that for business use?
      Seems incredibly cheap if it is
      • Yes insured as a gardener, I live in a good area and have 9 years ncb and my age will help. It was the cheapest around.

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          That's good:) I have all my ncb.
          20 plus years driving. Mind you my truck is very new and is 30k worth!
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    Graham - i have been to all the comparison site's and the quote i was getting was just over £2000 for full comp. That's why i'm asking on here to see anyone know's a company that's not on that which would be cheaper as that price is soul destroying. 

    when i filled out the details in the comparison site i did put down the other party was at fault and their insurance paid it but seem's to have punished me for their careless driving. if only you could sue them for costing you more to insure.

    I'll go onine and try the post office and see what they come up with

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