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    Looking at it realistically, the season if halfway through and if you are starting from scratch without a large number of customers chances are it will see the season out with a chance of recouping the money spent on it.

    Also it is light, other mowers from Screwfix are twice the weight and it states on their website the delivery driver needs help to unload them. So trying to load them into a car or van hot from use won't be much fun if you're on your own even with loading ramps.

    So the cheap and cheerful mower you are considering may well fit your requirements, so long as you anticipate that you may be buying another mower for the 2018 season.

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    Hi Rose

    I started out two years ago with a Mountfield HP185 and it's been fine for the few lawns that I do, probably only a dozen a week and all small stuff. Never had a problem with it and I think Screwfix have them for about £200.
  • I bought one a couple of months ago as I had an awkward access, (narrow steep steps) small lawn thought this might do it for a season being used once a fortnight. It's a bit naff, I need to keep a screw driver handy as bits seem to rattle loose but I've actually started favouring it for a couple of other gardens, sacrificing quality and substance for s bit of sling around lightweightness...
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    I agree with Joe McGunnigle below Honda mowers everytime, nothing else compares, like everything else in life you get what you pay for.  At Bawden Managed Landscapes all our box mowers are Honda various sizes and they go on and on. If you are looking for a simple cut and drop/mulch option you would be well advised to look at the AS 510 great machines for basic ground maintenance work such as cemeteries and small public open spaces, again we run a number of these excellent machines supplied by PSD.

    Bawden Managed Landscapes | Grounds Maintenance | Garden Service
    Bawden Managed Landscapes provide a full range of grounds maintenance and professional landscape services, including: grass cutting, sports pitch mai…
  • Rose, are you just setting up a new business? I would absolutely try and spend more on a better mower. You're only going to be talking a couple days income to get a mower in the £400 range and it'll last longer, do a better job and look more professional.

    Still not a commercial machine but it'll do you 

    Honda Izy HRG 466 PK four wheeled mower
    Honda Izy HRG 466 PK four wheeled mower is available at the best price online from MowWithUs.
  • I would definitely say - don't buy a push mower. Only get a self propelled model. They aren't usually that much more over the equivalent push model and it makes a world of difference.

    Also, buy a mower with a Honda engine. My Efco [Honda engine] is 13 years old. It still starts first pull.

    • Thank you for all your tips and advise. Much appreciated, but....

      I have a Honda which has lasted for ages, it has drive however I find that I can go much faster if I push it; so, as having the self propelled feature must make it heavier & some of my clients have steps I thought I could dispense with that feature. The bearings have gone on the Honda and the mechanic says this does happen with Honda's and that you cannot replace the part.


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        negotiating steps with a heavy machine is a major consideration This is why i keep a small light  machine for this purpose but they do tend to fall into the domestic category so realistically longevity has to be a consideration so i consider them a disposable item .   The smaller and lighter the machine the better as far as i am concerned but you have to respect the machines limitations and customers expectations when it comes to lawn finish .  

        The lightest and best machine i have used is the MTX Mercury 40P hand push with a cutting width of 400mm max weight 23 KG , 8 stages of adjustable cutting height . I purchased it new from my dealer ex display model for £150 .  It was a better machine than the mountfield i owned .  always started on the 3rd pull from cold and warm . The starter cord came out in my hand , easy enough to repair but i part exchanged it for a different machine which will be replaced by another MTX next year . 

  • I started up just over 3 years ago and bought a gardencare LM46sp. I started from scratch with little money so was limited. Admittedly I don't have many lawns to cut but the mower is still going without any problems, good cut and picks up well, a new blade is all I've bought. This spring I bought a gardencare LM56sp for larger areas which is great, no complaints so far. Regular cleaning and looking after them is time well spent, as a one man/woman band you don't have the worry of someone else throwing them around. I've spent more money on hedge trimmers when I could afford it, stihl mainly and a decent kawasaki strimmer, I've found spending a bit more on these items worthwhile when the money comes in. Good luck anyway, hope the work soon builds up.
  • I bought a Mountfield S461PD when I started three and a half years ago and it has been totally reliable and still starts first pull hot or cold. Admittedly my business isn't just mowing lawns - I only cut grass perhaps 3 or 4 times a week, but although I've had to replace the drive belt once, I reckon it will keep going for years. It's also light enough to carry up & down steps etc. which I find important!

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