Upgraded Website - Feedback Please ?

Hi folks

All this downtime has given me chance to revamp my website and I would really welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how I may improve it further. It seems daft not to tap into all the knowledge and experience within the group and I know your comments will be honest and forthright.

The site is still a work in progress and about 75% complete at present but I'm willing to take on board and implement any beneficial input. The software is taking some adapting to and does have its limitations but with some endeavour I'm sure it will be a big improvement on my last effort.

The domain is

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish the all in the group a very merry Christmas and happy and a prosperous 2017. Thanks to all in the group for their contribution, I find this a valuable resource and would now be lost without it having joined earlier in the year.


Ray (Kerb Appeal Gardens)

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    Hi Ray,

    I like the site's clear and simple design, with good explanatory text on the services you offer.

    My only thought is is the site mobile friendly? It is something that is becoming more and more important every day.

    Test how Google sees your site via mobile here:

    I hope you progress with the blog, it will be a great help, and if possible I'd also look to offer a monthly newsletter maybe based around what you write to the blog.

    I wrote this to the network a wee while ago about creating a framework for article ideas enabling you to update your blog with posts about your projects with the aim to find new customers.

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      Hi Craig

      Thanks for your response. I enjoyed reading your linked post and will take forward some of the points you make about blog writing because that area is a steep learning curve for me but looking forward to it.

      I also used the link you mentioned regarding mobile friendliness. My site could be improved apparently but only scores slightly less than the desktop version. I have noticed the site displays very well on my smart phone in landscape view especially without having to zoom in and out etc, and also have the option to make the site mobile friendly by pressing an option on my screen.

      It was just the sort of constructive reply I was looking for, cheers mate.


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    Morning ray, on another thread on this forum link the other week I talked about a thing called woo rank, those guys found it very useful....

    Here is the woo rank for your website link

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      Great site thanks Robbie. Looks interesting so going to have a closer look.

      My site doesn't score greatly so work to be done according to woo. May take advantage of the free 14 day trial, have you any experience of Woos effectiveness?

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        It's very useful
        • PRO

          The problem I have is applying some of their recommendations as the software I use is free software via my hosting company so I don't have full access to everything. It's certainly gives a detailed report!

          • PRO

            Looking at your report the one I hope you can improve is the H tags, that is the headlines on each page.

            At the moment the About us and Services headlines on their respective pages are images, which is not great for search as it doesn't enable search engines to identify the full content of the page.

            Your Woo report highlights missing H tags, but you can can do this by just typing in the respective tags, for example (without the quote marks):

            "<h1>About Us and Our Philosophy</h1>"

            Bit more from Woo themselves here:

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            If you can't change it your end talk to your hosting company
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              just doing that as we speak mate. Will let you know the outcome.

              • PRO

                Unfortunately because my website is template based there is nothing my hosting company can do about the H tags. Can't grumble with the amount I pay mind. My hosting was up for renewal recently and got them down from £360 to £60 for 2 more years. I have multiple sites hosted too.

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