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Hi guys

We're a supplier of new and re-claimed York stone paving.

What different methods do you use to lay uncalibrated reclaimed paving slabs of up to 5"thick down to 2 " thick?

Do you have a technique that allows you to lay the different sizes quickly or do you treat every stone individually, adjusting each slab/mortar bed accordingly?

We can supply un-calibrated or we can re-slice to uniform thickness.

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    With Indian sandstone I wouldn't even consider uncailbrated stuff- it's not worth the faffing. I like to dig out, set edge boards to the fills, add base and compact and then level off a fairly dry mix and lay on top.

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    I lay each slab individually and judge the bed needed based on my current selection of slab. May take a little longer than some but its how I've always done it. Calibrated stone makes life a little bit easier but to me not enough to only use calibrated products. 

  • There is no comparison between 'Old Yorkstone Flags' and Indian Sandstone. i have driveways laid in Old York that hasn't budged a fraction 35 years after laying.  But of course, there's the cost!!! I no longer carry out hard landscaping, but the last York paving job I did was 10 years ago and paid around £80.00 per sq m for the random stone.

    Our method of laying never change, a whacked lean mix base of 75 - 100mm, leaving enough room for the thickest slabs to be bedded down on sand/cement.  Slabs would be stacked standing with each one's measurement chalked on it and off we would go.  They make such a great job.

  • same as Colin says 

    I do remember about 30 years ago we went to the York council yard for some York flags and one of them was about 6x5 6" thick and four of us could not move it off the top of the pallet needles to say that one got left 

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    Hi guys just wanted to no what laying methods people still use we have been calibrating reclaimed flagstones for all most 7 year was just wondering how people managed that dont have there flagstone calibrated in some circumstances calibrated flagstones have a real benefit such as laying reclaimed flagstones indoors were height is restricted with the doors and skirting boards already in place

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