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    Depends on the condition of the site to be turfed and what prep work is required.
    Price the turf and any other materials/equipment needed,then add your labour.
    The last two turfing jobs I have done have worked out at £10.50m2
  • This is the only picture I have of the site [IMG][/IMG]

    So far turf is £152 : Materials £120

    Not too sure how to price the labour though.
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      From the picture I would be more inclined to weed and feed the lawn and seed the bare patches.

      Or get at turf cutter for the front and back gardens and price for a skip.
      You'll need a rotavator as well.

      A day's work for two people.
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      How long do you think the prep will take? Any waste rocks and rubble etc to take away?
      Don't go cheap you will hate yourself afterwords !!
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    why is it being re-turfed?

    why are there some patches, whilst rest is growing?

    Looks perfectly recoverable with basic treatments to me, for a fraction of the re-turfing cost.

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      I never even looked at the pictures!! It wants a few good cuts and then see what nature does before going further
    • I think some of the patches are due to a family dog. 

      What treatments would help, please?


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    mow it, gradually reducing cut height to required level.

    feed it with a late spring granular fertiliser, give it a good aeration.

    The depending on whats a priority, repair the patches with some raking and seed, or spray a weed control.

    Leave for a could of months with regular mowing, then re-assess.

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