Trouble with newly laid lawn

 Laid a new lawn for somebody about 4 months ago and it's really struggling to be honest and I don't know why as this has never happened before.

We lifted the old lawn and then rotavated the ground,there was plenty of what appeared to be good top soil in situ so brought in rolls of quality turf from a trusted local supplier. I gave the client instructions to give it plenty of water and to only start mowing it lightly once it had become established. A few weeks later they sent me images of the lawn looking dry,brown and worse for wear. From what the client explained to me I realized he'd hit it hard with the mower so I advised them to ease right off with the mowing and to keep it watered regularly as it was a dry spring.

I didn't hear anything until a couple of days ago when they sent me some more pictures of the lawn looking in even worse shape. Please see images below. They have assured me the lawn has been watered regularly and I have no reason to not believe this is the case but I've never had an issue like this before. I can't help feeling the lawn hasn't recovered since being stressed out after being butchered down in it's infancy? What else might it be? Disease perhaps?

Can this be rectified do you think ?


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    Definitely looks cut short to me, also the only time I've ever seen the lines in a lawn where the turfs have separated is due to lack of watering or bad prep and laying, from what you have said you have correctly laid and prepared the new lawn, unfortunately a clients attempt at watering a lot of the time is completely different to ours..
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    A) This looks to have all the tell tale signs of dead turf due to probably under watering. 

    B) Can i ask why the turf wasnt laid with a resess at each end ( I dont think this is the correct term) like laying bricks, each end looks as if its laid together, i never lay turf like this. 

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      On small lawns I've used both methods and it's made no real difference as long as it's all butted up correctly with no gaps.
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        The edges look slightly greener than the centre it could indicate they have used a badly adjusted sprinkler , I would first check their method of watering the turf .

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      Part b? Why would that make any difference at all?
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        well the water might have just being reaching the edges of the lawn , leaving the centre dry , just a theory , note the narrow turfs look a bit greener , usually the narrow bits of turf dry out quickly .   some pretty useless sprinklers out there . 

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          Sorry John was meaning Andrews reply re how it's laid without a brickwork effect!!
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            To add to your watering comment. A lot of clients seem to think 5 minutes with the sprinkler is "plenty" of water could this be the case here?
            When mine needs doing I leave the water on all night! But excessive maybe but lawn likes it:)
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              Watering is always a problem if left in the customers hands , personally when laying turf i insist on monitoring its progress and doing the first cut before signing the job off , but then i don't lay too many lawns , if you lay a few you have to trust the customer .  

              I have seen expensive shrubs and plants lost through economical watering methods . 

  • was the tarmac as pristine when you laid the turf as it looks in the photo they might have used chemicals to clean the drive and splashed it onto the turf but it  looks like lack of watering  and cut too short if you can have a look at it lift a bit of the turf up to make shore nothing is eating the roots and see how dry it is underneath but you might have to bight the bullet and relay

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