Tripod Ladder - Recommended Choice?

Hi everyone

I've been a member for most of this year but never posted until now. Congratulations on the great forum and website!

I'm looking to purchase some tripod ladders capable of providing a working height anywhere from 12ft to 16ft maximum. I have heard the Henchman brand mentioned as a good buy before for stability amongst other factors. The main point to take into consideration is that I would like them to be transportable on the roof of my swb Transit Connect.

Any suggestions please?

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              Sounds even better. With the rolling ladder bar on the roof rack should be fine, Ive searched for BPS but to no avail can you clarify the full company name please?

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                At the end of the day, it's an option. May not suit everyone but I've just used it personally to put up fascias & gutters at home. I can adjust the platform height to suit my needs and I have comfortable platform to stand on without getting tired feet.

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    For what its worth, I have a 3m tripod ladder which I carry quite safely on my transit connect. As it is basically a long triangle shape I find I can easily secure 3 straps to the roofrack and it fits fine. A word of warning before you purchase, beware of companies promising next day deliveries of the henchman, from my experience I was let down on the day , they simply don't stock these ladders and delivery is direct from the manufacturer often up to a month after. Further, I was told by my eventual supplier, Henchman ladders are often made by Work wear as they can't meet demand themselves. I bought Work wear and have to say, the ladder is excellent.  Hope this is is useful.

    • I've just fell victim to this !! thought I'd bought from a reputable company on their ebay advert it said 4 available .....was supposed to be delivered last Wednesday but NO SHOW !! and still waiting now....I phoned FRJONES AND SON at the end of last week to ask why the delay they then told me that the ladders come direct from the suppliers and not them !!! they said they would phone them to see what the delay is....still not heard anything and its now Monday.....never again !!!


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        Yes that's what happened to me, leaving me right in the lurch. I ended up cancelling and asking for a refund. I spoke to a company (can't remember the name) in Cambridge who could not have been more helpful. They advised that Workwear and Henchman ladders are the same, then promptly got one out to me next day. Great service.

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          Workware and Henchman ladders are similar but not the same, the big difference between the two is that the henchman comes with a platform step on its last rung (a slightly deeper rung) and the Workware is the same all the way up. Btw I had the same problem when I ordered my Workware tripod from Northern Arb, I was told that the shipments are continually getting stopped at the docks because of other products Workware import in the same containers, they can hold the containers for up to 6 weeks but usually come through eventually, cheers Harry
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            This info came direct from imports and customs who rang me to confirm that I was on an order sheet for one of the tripods and the orders were legit ...:-)
  • I've got 3 Henchman tripod ladders and strongly recommend them.  The 3 adjustable leg version is definitely worth it. I think you'd get a 14' on top of that van.  The 16' is a bit big really, can be a bit unwieldy. The 8' is fantastic, you can move it around one handed, and the 12' is somewhere in between.

    Those scaffold tower types are great in the right place, but if you're cutting hedges in awkward places, with trees and shrubs and greenhouses etc in the way, and on constantly changing sloping ground, then I don't think you can beat a tripod.

    If I was you I'd get a 12' one and pass on jobs that are too big for it.

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      I got a 12 ft 3 adjustable leg workware tripod, all three legs can be extended by 2ft I think, But i've only tried  by up to a foot

      I've found them really useful in our orchard, where all the trees are very tall, I've been able to pick damsons direct from the tree for the first time,

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    Excellent input guys. I reckon its a case of horses for courses as usual. Years ago I had the luxury of plenty of storage space ie double garage where one of each item wouldn't be a problem, alas I think the Henchman swings it for me with its versatility.

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