Tow scarifiers and hollow tine aerators

Does anyone have any advice on current worthwhile tow hollow tine aerators and scarifiers. 

Not the massive tractor attached big boys but the mid sized mower/ gator tow versions.

Im aware they arent as good as either petrol powered pedestrian or the large tractor mounted , but have a large amount of grass to do that wont stand a large tractor.

At the point where even though these tow ones look a bit weak , anything is better than nothing.

However ive seen in the US they have combo style , petrol/machine powered machines that tow behind sit on mower which look ideal but finding it hard to find uk versions

Does anyone have tips / advise on how good the simple tow versions are / or how to make them better - or if they are aware of better versions that can be towed by large sit on / gator. 


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    this looks ideal but im told cant get it in uk by the stockists :( 

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    How big an area is it?
    Is it not worth just getting Glendale or another of the big outfits to do it?
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    Approx 8000 sq metres of lawn 

    Not sure what a big outfit would cost but client would rather we did in house to reduce costs long term and ensure reliable results -- previous lawn care companies did a bad job and new ones have quoted through the roof 

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      Ok just a thought. Glendale give me reasonable rates as I get on well with them and pass tree work and big stuff I can't/don't want to do.
      Have you looked on pitchcare
      May be some pointers on there
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    I will put my 'South Lincs Grass Care' hat on to answer this - there are other contractors out there with kit that MIGHT be suitable and do a better job than those flimsy looking towed attachments.

    As well as various other equipment, we run a 4 ft wide Amazone flail scarifier with collector with our compact tractor as well as having a 4ft wide Sisis 'deep slitter' which will leave approx 4" 'slots' cut into the turf.

    As always depends on access/site layout and the clients expectations.

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