Top Gardening Injuries - Caused by:-

Gardening lands 87,000 a year in hospital

1. Lawn mowers (6,500 accidents in the UK each year)

2. Flower pots (5,300)

3. Secateurs and pruners (4,400)

4. Spades (3,600)

5. Electric hedge trimmers (3,100)

6. Plant tubs and troughs (2,800)

7. Shears (2,100)

8. Garden forks (2,000)

9. Hoses and sprinklers (1,900)

10. Garden canes and sticks (1,800).

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  • PRO

    It's good practice on a Forum to acknowledge source of information quoted or link to original article:

    The Telegraph Sept 2007 - "Gardening lands 87,000 a year in hospital"

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    What amazes me, is that A&E departments nationwide strapped for cash and time...have nonetheless managed to put together a questionaire that can quantify the difference between a plant pot attack  and a mauling by a plant tub / trough....

    I dare say a lot of people slip and fall on wet, slimy, icy and unevenly laid slabs, steps, patios and decking.  Often wearing unsuitable footwear, clothing and gloves when venturing into and tackling their greenery

    • PRO

      Given the news article is ~10 yrs old, maybe they no longer do?  I can remember looking years ago when this came up on LJN before and there were no recent statistics

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