• Hi Peter
    had the same thoughts at 65. Can't remember the actual reasons but know that I considered all aspects of my financial situation plus the fact that I intended to carry on working for as long as I wanted.
    Now 68 and still have 70 plus lawn cuts, don't work Fridays now, on the orders of the boss, ha ha
    If I remember rightly ( just been thinking about it) I don't believe it actually made it worth while to defer your pension unless you lived into your eighties. So it's a gamble and I decided for the suposed eventual benefit it just wasn't worth it.
    Hope this helps.
    • hello thanks for this, yes this had helped, I know it will be taxed, to me and has been for many years, its unfair for pensions to be taxed considering the money pot has been taxed, but hey that's the way isn't it, thanks again


      • PRO
        The pension pot hasn't been taxed though. You've paid in your contributions and you only get income tax on the rest if that makes sense? So it should be taxable imo
    • also am I right in saying that the national insurance contributions stop when we reach 65, hope so

  • Take the money and enjoy it whilst you have good health!!

    • yeah I am thinking about that, you never know whats coming along in life, good job I guess

      • Very true and if as Gordon says, it's only worth while if you make it to your eighties, the carehome/social services will then just grab all the dosh!! 

  • you will get 1% for every 9 weeks you defer it just under £500 for a full year

    I would claim it now as you do not know what will happen to it further down the line like it was changed a couple of years ago  

    I think at the moment they are thinking of ideas of how to cut the state pension

    retire now  and enjoy the rest of your life ( before you need a hip replacement with a Waite of 6-12 months ) hope you never need one  

    • another way of looking at it, is would you get this amount of interest if you put the pension into a savings account, the answer I guess is probably no, this is my problem, I would like to  take it, and still work, thinking of sitting in a corner and rotting away is not for me, could I ask what others are doing with the money, if that's not too personal

  • PRO
    Possibly a stupid question, and retiring is years off for me, but can you continue to work (if you feel up to it) and claim your state pension at the same time? Or is it a case of when you retire you HAVE to stop working? Many thanks Harry
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