time for a new mower

I have been battling with a 17'' domestic webb for the past 3 years. It's not great at all, if the grass is a bit long and damp the chute gets blocked so easily. I know this happens to most mowers but I'm sure this is worse than most! even if it isn't getting blocked the grass can be left in a thin line along the edge of the deck where I'm cutting. I do approx 10 - 15 hours of cutting a week and am now going to spend between £1000 and £1500 on a new machine. Reading on this site I'm planning on a Honda 536QX or the Kaaz LM5360HXAR. My main requirements are a very wide rear roller. I'm sorry this conversation is always discussed but I need advice. Either one of these or any other suggestions. Also when to buy, now or Spring? 

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    bbc yes on paper good feature , but there was a thread on here re weibang 48 pro bbc and no bbc. Performance in the wet was way down in the bbc version. I think from memory, the person trialed a non bbc version, bought a bbc version, wasn't happy and returned it and got the non bbc version. As I say, from memory. Certainly, I'm thinking of ordering a 48 pro, and it won't be a bbc version for that reason.

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      In reality they are a good feature not just on paper.
      Yes the weibang may not pick up as well but there are other mowers.
      The lawnflites I use will block up in the wet if grass is long (today being a prime example) but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages imo.
      For me starting once for a while job (unless you need fuel!) and being able to drive over gravel drives using engine power are more important.
      Still wish they would not block up though!
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        I run the Kubota version of the same machines, 21" pro mower. They work well in 98% of conditions. The collection can be much improved by a hi lift blade and keeping the bag fabric clean. Jet washing alone is good, an over the weekend soak of the grassbag fabric in a dustbin of water with three scoops of washing powder, then jet washed, even better. My mowers just keep on plugging on through the grass even when its pouring down. I tend to stop before the box is completely full when its wet as it rams it that full of cuttings, its too heavy to lift.
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          That's good point Adam, many continue cutting to ram in as much as possible which makes it worse. You should be able to hear the engine note start to change due to air flow when the bag is full/blocked

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    Sorry, yes its a good feature, but for us with roller mowers, finish & collection, even in damp conditions is the priority. So with the weibang model wouldn't compromise that. May not be a problem with other mowers.

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    I was the one referred to regarding the Weibang 48 Pro BBC.

    I bought it on the premise that it was this revolutionary mower specially designed for European weather and that it basically was the be all and end all of mowers.
    For me it wasn't but as has been previously discussed, I could have had a sick one that wasn't revving hard enough but really that shouldn't be happening for such an expensive mower.

    It was garbage, I've never used a mower so bad in the wet, it was so bad that after the second time of trying it got relegated into the garage and not used again, unacceptable for that calibre of machine so a deal was struck for an exchange to a 56pro.
    Its much better but no better than the Lawnflite pro I used previously, I'm just hoping that the Weibang gearbox is as good as reckoned.
    The 56 also had to be speeded up and is better for it.
    • So do you blame the inadequacy on the BBC?
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        It's not the BBC that is to blame, it's the very very low lift blade.

        Apparently with bigger wing tips they cause more strain on the BBC than Weibang would have liked hence there not being a BBC on the 56 with its longer blades etc.

        I've got used to no BBC, it doesn't cause issues for me.
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    ?? that is the bbc being the problem to me. ie the bbc can't take the strain of the better performing blade, so it does not get fitted. It does get fitted on the non-bbc 48 pro version, so has better performance.

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      I'd be interested to hear who has actually had problems with a BBC? Not on the weibang in particular but any mower? I've never had any issues. If anything breaks on walk behind mowers it's the drive in my experience
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