Morning all,I'm in the process of creating a new herbaceous border for a customer and need to eradicate a substantial area of ground elder which is along one edge of the border to be.My question is: Does anyone have a preferred chemical combination for killing ground elder effectively? Ideally a spray now killing 90% and another in spring to finish it off. I commonly use glyphosate but wondered if anyone perhaps had a tank mix that was more effective? I was wondering about Roundup and Grazon?Thanks,Tom

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  • I find Triclopy (available as Garlon or Blaster) far more effective than Glyphosate on groundelder........... one application usually kills it for good if there's a good bit of leaf on it.  60ml in 10 litres and saturate the foliage.

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    I've got about 100sqm of the stuff to get rid of so glad you asked this question 

  • really tricky stuff to get rid of one border I do regally and have done so for 15 years and still have not got rid of it completely glyphosate with a wetting agent early spring before the plants start growing  the elder appears a week or two before the plants

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    Thanks Graham for the direction towards Garlon, I'll give that a try. As a side point to this thread, does anyone know if for using ecoplugs I need an addtional qual to PA6? I know the official coding is PA6D but does normal PA6 cover this?

    Thanks again

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      I did my PA1/PA6 recently and opted to do the Eco plugs and stem injection while I was there as they are now separate, but if you've had your PA1/PA6 a while then your covered mate...
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        I passed my PA6 in Feb 2015. Not sure how that relates to when they separated them.
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          I did mine January this year and it had been separated, yours will be a close call, but I know change was very recent so you may be clear, I'd probably just check with Progreen mate.
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    Blaster every time - the younger the ground elder plants the better - if older pays to cut them back and then treat the re-growth.

  • I find a systemic chemical called Gallop works fine especially for ground elder.
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    I've had really good results by clearing it with a hoe, waiting for re-growth and then using Hammer on the young leaves. Some jobs its eradicated it in one hit, other jobs, two.

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