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    Tanaka tph200 long reach cutter heads, I have used for many years. Last a long, long time, if kept greased, oiled and sharpened. Usually run on a Tanaka tbc230 or TBC 270 power unit.

    If the cutter head rattles, even if well greased, the internal cams and rods are worn and repairs soon add up.

    I was going to suggest looking for a Tanaka following your post ref the garden care machine.
    • Cheers. I've seen one on ebay close to me for 299 would that be a fair price.
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        All depends on condition of machine, way its been looked after etc. May well be worth going to look at it, should start second pull from cold, one pull on choke, then should start next oull off choke. For reference, the last cutter head I bought new was around the £200 mark for just the cutter head. The TBC 230 power unit is great, again so long as it has been looked after and had the correct fuel mix used. If looked after, they live forever, I have a semi retired Tanaka TBC 2211 (the forerunner of the 230 model that must be over 20 odd years old now.) Still starts first pull every time.
        • Think I'll go and have a look. Cheers adam thanks for your time.
  • I bought a long reach Tanaka hedge cutter two years ago. My issue is the balance is not that great even though it is lighter than it competitors, especially Honda. It's reliable but has an annoying habit of being accidentally switch it self off by the operator when you are trying to change postition. Also slightly cheaper than the market leaders such as Stihl and Husqvarna.
    • Thanks Andrew, do the blades fold back on themselves like the stihl ones do by any chance?
      • Mine folds back to 45 degrees unlike the Stihl which fold flat. I don't do a lot if hedge cutting which is why I bought the Tanaka. If it was a regular part if my business I would probably go for a Stihl. Might be worth going for a battery one?
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