Tablets at work - just a gimmick?

Hi All,So at work I use my iPhone for emails, maps, photos of work to send off etc. Had a call from my phone company as I'm always going over my internet usage. Long story short I've been given an android tablet, 5 gig of Internet plus unlimited internet on my phone for around £10 a month extra. Brilliant deal so i took them up on it.I have an iPad, however it's wifi only and this tablet is around half the size. Really considering using it in the van for emails etc. Also thinking of trying to get my head around using quick books again so would be useful for that.How many people use them at work and for what?

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    Not that I've done this yet but if phone & sim supports this, you can create a personal hot spot, connect your tablet to your phone, USB, then the tablet uses the phone 3G/4G connection,Kb...

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      When i spoke to my network provider they mentioned that i can transfer data between the tablet and mobile also. Thought that was a neat idea
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        The hotspot thing is good I do it from my iPhone to iPad sometimes. Be wary though as even though the phone has unlimited data they may have restrictions on data used via the hotspot. I'm on 3 and unlimited data on phone but only 2 GB on hotspot.
        As to if its a gimmick I think it is as I can do all the same stuff on the phone as the iPad.
        But the phone is less likely to get broken.
        Just my opinion though.
        A setup like Robbie wants to do would save a lot of the risk of smashed screen.
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    I plan on mounting a 7" tablet into my dashboard in January (in place of the radio), will take a little work to do but is possible and gives me lots of options.

    It will double up as a sat nav unit / make it easier to use jobber out and about / Bluetooth music & hands free ect. 

    However, I will need a small amp to run the speakers and a DAC to convert the audio,  depending on the tablet I may also need an FM transmitter and get enough to power it and other USB devices. 


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      Get a Bluetooth stereo and it'll play your iPad tuned wirelessly
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    We have used iPads and Jobber to run our schedules now for around 2 years. We tried wifi ipads and 'tethering' / mobile hotspots with mifi router plugged into cigarette lighters but not reliable enough so now use 3g ipads. Batteries easily last all week even with a bit of "you-tubing"  at lunch!

    Works very well for us!

  • I have an iPhone and iPad mini. Mini gets used for most emails, and other things. Phone for calls. 

    I find the iPad really useful for looking things up when I'm out as its bigger.

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      I'm just good at breaking things that are not made of steel!!
      I've dropped my phone 3 times in the last 2 weeks that's why the iPad stays at home:-)
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    I had a similar deal back in Janury and received a 7" tablet with more than enough data.  The only issue I have really had, is that it is a bit too small to do lengthy emails and for some websites.  Probably going to get a bigger one this January.

    Having said that, using "Maps" as a sat nav is great as the tablet just fits in where my dash clocks are.

  • my girlfriends kid got a hudl 2 for xmas its faster than our ipad 2 to be honest ill probably get one bought this year for taking notes and diary as i always loose my diary or it gets drenched in the rain. Suggest getting a wireless keyboard makes it alot easier to use.

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