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    If I wanted to purchase a semi decent small cylinder mower for my own lawn then yes this would be an option. Particularly the new model with the Kawasaki engine. Like the idea of swapable ‘Quick Exchange’ system to remove the blade cassette for re-grinding or insereting the Lawn Scarifier.

    However it is a very small domestic mower and I wouldn't use this professionally - too small - only a 14 inch cut width, fairly heavy 40KGS and one would have to question how robus it would be for daily commercial use.

    If I wanted a professional cylinder mower I would personally look for a decent second hand ALLETT such as
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    Sorry I have not used them but are aware of the make. A fairly cheap (new price £1,400?) mower which I assume would be very good on well manicured lawns only. The spec looks good and maybe worth a pump if cheap.

    Why are you so set on getting a cylinder mower? Nice if you can justify the cost but very limited as to what lawns you would get the benefit from using one on.
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    It all depends upon what service you are aiming to offer, looking at your web site, I would assume that at your prices you are more going for volume with good quality. Spend your money on a good professional rotary mower (with roller) and keep the Honda as a backup machine. Seriously consider the cut width as speed of cutting will make the difference on how many lawns you can cut in a day.

    Don't be worried about quality of finish using a rotary - check out my pictures of lawns - all done using a rotary.
  • Hi Gary

    I only use a cylinder mower on my own lawn - they do give a better cut in my opinion. I use a rotary mower with a rear roller on all of my customers lawns and cut is fine. Disadvantage of using a cylinder commercially is that if you run over something like a stone the blades are a lot more expensive to get reground/sharpened.

  • I used to use a 17" Suffolk Punch for all my gardening work many years back. For a machine intended for domestic use, it proved remarkably tough, lasting for many years. The engine was incredibly reliable, always starting on the first pull. Much as I prefer the cylinder mowers, I found I would regularly pick up a small stone in the cylinder which was a real pain necessitating a file/hammer etc!! The cylnder/bottom blade needs regrinding every year which is quite a perfomance getting the bits off and down to the mower shop. On the plus side, gave a lovely cut, never clogged in the wet.
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    If your main service is lawn mowing rather than a gardener, the majority of the clients you will get will not have lawns that would justify a cylinder mower. The clients want a nice finish and a regular service for a reasonable price.

    If you can mow a lawn with a 17 inch you can mow a lawn with a 22 inch - simple! The real difference comes when cutting med to large lawns, the time saving is vast and time is important if you have 10 - 20 lawns to knock out each day.

    Build up your client base and then start being a bit more selective of any new clients. Longer term yes start contacting the parish councils / local football clubs etc but have some length of service behind you to give them the confidence in your ability and hopefully a bit of cash in reserve to enable you to purchase new kit as required.
  • Hi Gary I use the 86, good machine for tidying up and mulching leaves from paths. But for speed I find raking or blowing into a big pile and then bagging them is quicker, or even mowing up them on a high setting.
  • Hi Gary

    I have a Stihl SH86, starts every time no problems. I only use it as a blower to create piles of leaves that i rake/pick up. Reliable and not too heavy. I use Aspen 2 fuel in it.
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