Hi all,

Just looking to get a consensus on what strimmers people are using / why / and at what price point. I've had two go dead on us on the same day and it's given me a minor headache. 

Just wondering if there was any common preferences out there. For us it needs to be small enough for the smallest of fine lawns, big enough to cope with lawn rescue jobs (fortunately they're few and far between!).



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    I've been running a Tanaka tbc 230 for the last 2 years. Really reliable and light, but maybe not up to clearances.
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    Hi Jack

    Last year I bought an Echo SRM 222ES and have been impressed with it enough to consider getting a 2nd. We use on our domestic round as it's nice and light and doesn't take up much room being a loop handle. I haven't tried it yet but it probably has enough bite to handle a metal blade if needed. £200 quid from Nuneaton Horticultural.


    • Echo SRM300TESL is a good all rounder. 

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    Agree, the Echo's are good machines.

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    trying to get this one at the moment --

    someone recomended on here last year -- its lightish at 4.5 kilos -- 1/1.3 hp which is a reasonable power for for basic grass and its got the lowest vibration levels of anything near it of around 2/2 and thats single handle / d handle 

    300 ish £  but although i ordered it apparently Husky sweden cant confirm if they have any in stock anywhere :( 

    Husqvarna Grass Trimmers 525LK
    The Husqvarna 525LK is a lightweight trimmer for commercial use. The machine is equipped with Husqvarna's X-TORQ engine. The 525LK is a combination m…
  • I have been using a Tanaka I can't remember the make but it was about £500 ish. It's pretty good. I've had it for two years and no complaints. It doesn't get heavy work though. Hope that helps

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