Stihl Supply Issues

Is anyone else experiencing problems with lack of stock from Stihl?

Been into my dealer today to order a new hedge cutter attachment for my Kombi unit and they just smiled and said 'good luck' They said they have managed to hunt down one unit back in March but other than that they just can get hold of it.

What is going on here? Kombi units are hugely popular so why can the biggest and largest brand not supply the stock.

Has anybody else heard why this may be or experienced similar? I know that Stihl are on the forum so maybe they could let us know

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    Hi Simon, According to my local supplier, Stihl redesigned their hedge cutter head for the Kombi units etc, and the new design had a flaw, it meant supply's where hit, I managed to get one of the last old design versions in march but since then my suppliers have been out of stock, and when they do come in they are sold straight away and never make it to the shelves, bit of a nightmare really, good luck with getting one though mate...
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    Hi Simon I believe it's due to a design change to the cutter bar and gearbox, stiffer and lighter gone is the flappy bar sandwich between some flat bar design and in comes all top bar similar in design to battery Li-on design long reach and std hedge cutters from stihl...
    New design was due for release in June but has been pushed back till Oct last I heard and that date is was unconfirmed Echo and Husqvarna had been struggling with demand
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    I started a discussion in the BOG a few weeks ago and mentioned Stihl brush cutter trousers, to cut the story short, I bought a pair that had been discounted at a Stihl dealership then ordered and paid upfront for a pair of the shin pads to go in them at full list price from a different Stihl dealership around three weeks ago.

    There has been more than enough time for them to arrive from Germany or any other EU country, so presumably there isn't any stock being held by Stihl anywhere in the EU.

    So unless they are in an container on a ship chugging the ocean waves from the Far East or USA, I presume I'll end up going back for a refund. I really can't believe they are being made to order.

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    Forget buying from the competition at the moment!

    There isn't stock of a variety of kit at the moment.

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  • I've got the same problem. I was hoping it would arrive this week as the dealer I got the unit from said it was being rolled out in September...Still no sign though. 

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    Thanks for the info guys, I really appreciate that.

    Lets hope they can get the updated head out soon!

  • I have herd in the past that the manufactures tend to run stock down for the winter so as not to have much stock to sell next year that was manufactured the year before (if that makes sense)  

  • We have had Stihl hedge trimmers on order from last year, and they stihl haven't arrived. 

    There doesn't seem to be any supply problem in the US, so what the hell is happening over here???

  • Yesterday I put a message about this subject on a USA website which has a few thousand members. All the replies said that they had absolutely no problem whatsoever with Stihl hedge trimmer supplies.

    So it seems that the problem lies in Europe or just the UK???

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      Can’t say I’m surprised at that one bit, stihl give a better warranty in the US if you use motomix or HP Ultra that they do here (3yrs I think?) tho I dare say if you pushed you might get it if you can prove you use ultra..
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