Stihl Price Fixing

How are Stihl able to implement their so called safety policy of not allowing online sales for chainsaw equipment ?  It's just price fixing.  It means that you can only buy from your local dealer thereby removing the competition.  Husqvarna  has no such issue & as far as I am aware, neither do any other manufacturers. Several online retailers have banners apologising about Stihl & pointing out that Husqvarna don't implement such a policy.  Obviously their saws are safer !  It apparently makes them a lot cheaper.

I am amazed that this is allowed under EU competition law.  Has anyone found a way around this problem ?

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      • Isn't that the pruner attachment that I have fitted to my FS130 strimmer or are you referring to something else? Won't that just fit onto your shaft?    

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            Just checked - The whole combi HT unit with pole is cheaper than just the separate head ....
            • 130 is very cheap compared to the unit plus pole. Need to get the part number because they won't post it.
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                HT attachment only is £173.34+vat or £130+vat discounted.

                Kombi complete attachment is £183.00+vat or £128+vat discounted.

                So, Once discount is taken it swaps around and head + pole works out cheaper...
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    I'd always much rather buy face to face from a dealer anyway. I have a great relationship with my dealer and get up to 25% off the book price now without asking. I highly doubt you can get that online, so I'd suggest don't worry about their prices, if you want one, just go to your local dealer, develop a relationship and buy one there.

    • I am in Ireland. My local dealer charges list price for everything.
      There must be one heck of a margin if they can take that much off
      • Sounds like there's a good business opportunity here................ I buy the stuff from my local dealer with 20% off,  I then send it to you with a small mark-up, say 5% + postage!!  Everyone's a winner.  Sounds like there could be a good demand for this sort of service all over Ireland and maybe I can retire to the south of France :)  

      • When I was looking last year to buy the Kombi system, did the online search and the cheapest was 30 miles away but if i collected could buy tomorrow. Dropped into my local dealer , 4 miles to see what prices they had on offer and for the whole kit and comboodle they were £80 cheaper but wait till Saturday he said as they had a Stihl day on and could discount even more, knocked another £40 off. :-)

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    We have 3 local Stihl dealers and all give 20-25% off without asking as soon as they see you're not general public - Berkshire. All give good service and advice; we use mainly one for planned servicing and buying, but have used the others for emergency repairs. Competitiveness re pricing vs online has never appeared to be a problem.

    • If I could buy online I would pay £156. The lowest discounted price here is £207
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