Stihl Kombi or similar


My strimmer has died

It's part of a cheap 2 in 1 and the engine is dying too.

I need to replace it and thinking of the stihl km 94 with

Hedge cutter



Pole saw

I've heard their hedge cutters are on hold til Sept, is this true?

Or is it better in the long run to bite the bullet and go cordless? Are there any batteries powerful enough for hedge trimming or would it be stand alone petrol hedge trimmer, battery strimmer/blower 

From experience lately I prefer cutting the tops in a ladder so would also want a short reach trimmer. Any suggestions?

What do people use for reducing and cutting through thick branches rather than just trimming?

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      Sweet, problem solved, although I still wouldn't go for the Stihl kombi now unless I was just replacing one part of the kombi system and didn't have to invest in a whole new system , check out the new Ego combi system if you decide to go battery, looks good...
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    For thick branches around 25mm dia I use loppers , sometimes a pole cutter , a long reach pole pruner can be useful with a pruning saw attachment wolf garten do a good one , I wont butcher a thick branch with a hedge trimmer . 

  • pity you are not closer as I have a husky combo for sale I find them better than stihl, I had a young lad helping me out at the beginning of the year before I retired and never used husky before and he was really impressed  with the cut and feel  as he was used to operating stihl previously  

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    Just to let you know, I went with Ego and the multi tool and the blower arrived today.

    Used the grass trimmer at home and the hedge cutter & blower on a job. Impressed. Especially with the hedge & grass trimmer.

    Need a bigger battery than 2 amp if want to use blower on turbo (bought 2 X 2amp for now, nice and light).

    When I get my new van I'll get an inverter fitted

    • Thanks for the info, really useful. Looking seriously into trying out battery powered tools very soon and the EGO range is what i'm leaning towards the most.Good to hear you're impressed. 

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        Ask me again in a few months or whenever before you upgrade and I'll give you an overview :-)
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    With regards to the new KM94 hedge trimmer attachment,straight out of the box you can see they've downgraded it from the previous version. The black collar that you slide down to articulate the head is now a flimsy piece of plastic as opposed to the hard rubber that was in place before. I had a little go with it today and it just seems a lot more domesticated than the old version.

  • I got a km94 with angled hedge cutter and strimmer earlier this week from AMP Services in Hove. I'm pleased with it after using at my place yesterday and today. Probably gonna get the pole pruner soon.
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