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Evening all,I'm thinking of investing in a Stihl Kombi system this week, but have one question before I go dealer visiting for those of you who have one.Simply, is it possible to have more than one extension pole in the machine at one point to gain additional length/height?I know there becomes issues with balance, flex etc, but if it is possible, I will go to the dealer and ask them to set me one up to have a feel to see if it is manageable. The extended length will only be used for a very few jobs, but is needed, particularly for wide hedges.Many thanks,Tom

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    Machanically yes, but we've got both types of extensions and the CF one is already longer than the Ali one.

    I'd imagine doubling up on the CF one would give you huge reach but may strain bearings etc and be too flexi.

    The Ali one is already heavy and I think could not physically be handled doubled up, but try it at the Dealer?

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    I use the one metre extender pole, some what end heavy if not paying attention. But a well used optional extra. There are two lengths of pole available and i have used two extenders but the weight and balance was in my view almost unusable.

    A great tool but two extenders.......not so sure.
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    Cheers, so when you buy the engine, it comes with a small amount of shaft and a connector. When you buy an attacement, does the attachment also come with a length of shaft and then the extender goes between the two?
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      Yes, bascially. The Kombi engine units come with a short integral pole with a female connector.

      Each 'accessory' then comes with a male connector at one end, pole and a tool at the other end, except the extension poles which are "male end - pole - female connector".

      In theory you could just keep adding connectors between Kombi engine unit and the utlimate end tool :)

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      As Gary says. Bit like a grown boys meccano set!
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    I think he has 3 extensions, I find it hard to use with one for long periods of time. My dealer says you can but they don't advise it due to the strain it will have on the engine unit.

    I would use the metre extension a lot and find it speeds up certain job a lot like wide/tall hedges.
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      They always say things are bigger/longer in the good old US of A

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      He didn't show it working :(
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        There is a video I've seen where he uses it and one of this guys helps him pick it up and he stricly uses it vertically (imagine carrying a long ladder, quite easy vertically but very hard if you did it horizontally.

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