Stihl KM94RCE unit, fuel issues?

Before I launch this Stihl unit out I'd like to know what may be wrong with this peice of kit, every single time i run it, I have to pump fuel through to the engine, it makes no difference if the machine is warmed up or cold. Sometimes it will konk out mid use and need fuel pumping through again to get it going, anyone know what this may be? The unit has had fuel problems since new and has been back to the dealers numerous times. Many thanks

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    Hi Harry i am no expert but i had the same problem with my AMA unit , it would suddenly cut out in use , Always came back from the dealer n/c and working , I got the same old bull explanation old fuel and spark plug needed replacing even after i put a new spark plug in the day before i took it .  Then it would happen again they think because it starts up  its o.k and can't be bothered to put it on test in my opinion .

    I traced it to the fuel pipe inside the fuel tank there was a split near the end where it attaches to the fuel filter , since i replaced the fuel pipe it works fine , However you mention yours was like it from new so i am not sure but perhaps worth checking  .

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      Hi John, thank you for reply, I will check that as although the machine has had fuel issues from day one, this is a new issue. When I first had problems with the machine it would take around 15-20 pumps to get the fuel through, then it would run ok. I kept taking the machine in to dealers, they would say the basics then telling me it runs fine, back on site I'd have issues, it's honestly a pile of rubbish, never again will I buy another Stihl machine.. cheers mate
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    You know i have this machine and the fs94 and suffer simlar issues. I find constant cleaning of fuel and air filters improves this but im sure the carbs are just bad news. Im thinking of going husky or echo seem to be less issues with any husky i have and have been told echo make great chainsaw very simple etc....
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    My FS-94s have been fine, but I can't find a mower that lasts three months. Sounds like a pinprick hole in the primer bubble to me.

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      Yes that or one of the fuel lines. Air is obviously easier to pump through than fuel so if there's even a tiny hole it won't work right.
      I was having fuel issues on the ransomes after changing in line fuel filter. Chopped ends of pipes off and put back together and that solved the problem.
      The only other obvious one is vavles if it's a 4 mix?
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        FS94 is 2-mix. One thing Harry, I know it sounds dumb but- are you turning the choke all the way AND pushing it in? My units were hard to start until I realised this. Pushing it in lets the M-tronic engine management do it's stuff. I let them idle like this for five seconds then they're good as gold.

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          Yes mate, however it's gotten to the point now if I use the choke at all even first thing in the morning the machine won't start, I just pump through the fuel then eventually it starts, I reckoning it needs the carb replaced?
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    Hi Harry. I have the same unit and also found it took a lot of priming to start.  How is it with the revs speeded up? Would this help with the cutting out and slow starting? Have to say it worked for me although I'm sure it was the first thing you tried!

  • You're best bet is to just replace the carb which is almost certainly the problem. If you go on Ebay, you can pick one up in the UK for about £35.................. if you're not in a hurry, you can get one from China for half that price and it's probably the same item. If you want a genuine Stihl carb, you're probably looking at about £100.    I've used the Chinese carbs and they've worked fine............... they've also got the advantage that there's more adjustment on the mixture screws so they can be adjusted if the machine isn't running quite right. I'm surprised the dealer hasn't replaced the carb whilst it was under warranty.

  • What petrol are you using. I found earlier this season that all my equipment was running really rough and stalling. I was using supermarket petrol, Morrison's, my local dealer said they started getting stuff in with bad running and all had used supermarket fuel. Changed to BP fuel not because of brand but they are the only non supermarket supply in my town and my gear has run ok ever since.. I am aware of the "it's the same stuff" argument but it clearly makes a difference. I had used the fuel in previous years with no problem!
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