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    I don't know about the Stihl model but i have used another less expensive brand , I had a need ( tennis elbow )  on established shaped box it performed well but incapable of re shaping , only following existing contours , I never tried it on grass it seemed time consuming but really handy and gave good control on box hedging , I gave it away after it served its purpose i prefer to use shears .

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    Yes i have these -- originally bought for box and yew topiary work after being recommended them.

    Now use them for just about anything they can handle -- absolutely love them -- they wont handle tough woody stuff but they are amazing for any light pruning work -- lavander , soft woody stuff etc 

    Also amazingly fast for cutting down any herb perenials , border clearence etc 

    Genuinely find they are excellent all round alternative to secateurs , shearers etc 

    Will buy another one when i finally kill this one 

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    There not bad and ditto Dan's comments, have even used them cutting down herbaceous borders this year!
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    Thanks guys. Off to the shops then!

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      only down side i can say is no battery warning light/ charge levels indicator -- you prob get 2-3 hours use but when it goes it goes suddenly and the recharge isnt massively quick 

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