Stihl FS50C head issues

Hi guys!This might seem a little silly, but I'm having problems with my Stihl FS50C (just purchased second hand, not a 'CE', just 'C').The head that is on it is very narrow, not like the Tap-and-go style I've become accustomed to. My problem is that its hard to get the new line I bought for it into the head and have it 'flat' with the head so that it cuts horizontally. It seems the line is trailing the ground even on full bore, and this is making it snag the ground quite aggressively even when trying to trim grass.I tried putting an allen key to swap the head out with my Draper strimmer, but there doesn't seem to be another hole to lock the pin in for removing the head...The weird head it has fitted is like a black cap which has copper grease on the threads (?), you remove this and it has four holes, came with that serrated Stihl pre-cut stuff.Reading the side of the head, it has 'littl Juey' on it. Anyone heard of this?Am I just daft as all hell?

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    The funny thing is, I was sent away from my local garden machinery place with 'can't change that head, you need this line'

    So 60m of line, £24 quid down and as far as I can see, you can change those Littl' Juey heads.

    I'll try and take it off the shaft again and see what gives...
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      I'd take the line back if it were me! £24 will get you about 400M of stihl 2.4mm line
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        Did think it was a bit steep. Thing is, Saturdays the soonest I can return it, and he cut two bits off to re-thread the head - could I still get my money back?

        Its bloody well annoying, I'm still sure the head can be changed
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          Doubt he would take it back to be honest if he's cut some off. Just put it down to experience and ask on here before you buy the next lot. It will last you all season and more no doubt anyway since you are only part time/just starting.
          The head will come off and no doubt. A quick look online and it seems it a bit lit an Oregon jet fit.
          If you can get the cap off you will find a nut under it I think?(or not!!!) either way you will find a hole in probably the side of the gearbox head(I think on the smaller stihl strimmers it's on the side?) if not it's on top but it will be there somewhere
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            Hi Richard, it does have the hole - must be jammed with grass because it wasn't engaging with the lower hole. Will try again tonight if i can get time!
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              You may have a bigger problem then! The lock plate may be missing inside.
              Meaning taking it off is a proper pain. I'll try and explain in a bit
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              you might need to take the gearbox off the bottom of the shaft and lock the head with something so you can undo it.
              Or you could as a last resort take the exhaust off and block the piston with a lump of wood(not that I'd recommend it really!)

              It's the thrust plate that may be missing inside by the way
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                Yep, is that the wee silver round plate with a lip? I'm sure mine is missing that bit, seen it in other Stihl head replacement videos.. Oh buggery I bet this could take a while!
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                  Yes that's the one:(
                  There is another way but I can't remember it. I'll ask a mate tomorrow
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                    Cheers Richard, I'll see if theres a way to get this contraption apart tomorrow evening!
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