Stihl Combi Edgetrimmer

Hi All. A touch of Spring in the air today!  Just looking at which new toys to buy for this years work!  Does anyone use the Stihl combi Edge trimmer for trimming lawn edges?  I've searched previous threads but there seems to be confusion about it's purpose. I currently use edging shears to tidy my lawn edges, I've never really got on with the upturned strimmer. I always think that no matter how well the lawn is cut, the edges are the thing that sets the finish off and so I don't find this the chore that many say it is.   I'm thinking one of these, kept sharp , could be a winner. On the other hand, if it's main purpose is just to cut new edges, then I think I'll stick with the manual method as I don't do these often enough to justify carrying it around. Thanks chaps.

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    We bought one, used once and packed away... was ok on straight lines but any corners I could never get it to work without it damaging the lawn!
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    Yes I have one. Once you get the height adjusted correctly it's very fast and leaves a super sharp looking edge on both straights & curves. You need to be super focused and smooth with it though, as it's very easy to go off line. I have to admit that before I got it I thought it's main use was for reprofiling lawn edges / cutting new ones, which is not what it's supposed to be used for (ref. Stihl). I tend to use it when the client has miles of long sweeping edges (or so it seems). I still use traditional lawn edging shears for the best finish on smaller or more fiddly areas. Almost never use strimmer for edges now.

    • I like the phrase " need to be super focused....", Andy, it should be on the box! When I first used ours, I lost concentration for a second and it suddenly gained a mind of it's own!  However, used carefully, it's a good addition to your equipment.

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    Think I might get it back out and try again.....
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    Have tried to use one in the past but decided i needed more practise the lawn edge did not look crisp .  To re establish or create a straight lawn edge i still use a length of wood such as a plank and an edging iron  always edging shears on overhanging grass , 

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      That always looks the best sometimes there is not a machine for all purposes...
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      I also use a plank to re establish but I was purely thinking of trimming the borders, and thinking the attachment might improve the finish.

      Thanks for the replies, I'm still undecided. As I don't use an upturned strimmer- preferring edging shears- I think I possibly won't use the attachment for the same reason.

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    I've seen the Edgit Pro adaptor plate used by various 'Mericans on Youtube  - seems like a good solution, particularly along hard edges. I emailed to see if they had a product that would fit the Stihl FSA90 (electric), but it's petrol only gear for now.

    I have the Kobi edger hanging in my garage, hardly used it and found it too much of a liability to use on customer sites. My grandfather used to have one of the John Deere E35 three wheeled lawn edgers, which was a tremendous piece of kit. Best suited to larger sites though.

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