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Hi all,

If you were starting up from scratch (non landscaping) what would be your top 10 most essential bits of kit that would provide a decent payback whether hand tools or powered?

I am in the early stages of setup and don't want to buy anything unnecessary.

Also do I keep my Landrover Defender 90 and buy a large mesh trailer or sell the Landrover (sob) and buy a panel van?

Any guidance appreciated.



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    Hedge cutters
    Spring tine rake
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    Richard forgot gloves lots of them in case you loss them. ton bags as well. If you buy cheaper tools which make sense early on, you may find that you regret this thought. I did bought screwfix tools, mid summer I ended up buying Stihl which is expensive but my god are they better

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      I did forget gloves amongst loads of other stuff:)
      10 wasn't many to choose from:)
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        I reckon Richard is there with his list, I think the title should read top 10 tools required and top 10 essential bric-à-brac items, after all, having a strimmer is all well and good, but if you have no strimmer twine, fuel or 2-stroke then the machine is useless... ;-)
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    Safety equipment - ear defenders, safety glasses, steely boots etc. 

    No direct payback of course, but wouldn't be without them.

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    I'd definitely sell the Defender. I'm always amazed how much they make, and a Jap pickup will do the job better and more efficiently at half the price.

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      I would include a pruning saw , a garden fork , mattock , sweeping brush , shovel , wheel barrow , telescopic lopper , some form of platform or step ladder for when working at heights . a good pair of garden shears and a decent flask for pouring substantial beverages , thermos king flasks are good they simply bounce when dropped .

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        Forgot to add edging shears and edging iron .

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    I loved my Land Rover 90 but selling it to buy a VW Transporter was the best thing I did.  Have a look at the Wolf Garten range of interchangeable hand tools, it helps a lot with storage.

    Wolf link - click here

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