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Hi all ive got some large lawns with difficult access that need compost top dressing clients want them done late on so may be wet currently 12 ton per lawn. Im hoping to hire some equipment to do the job wondered if anyone can recommend any pedestrian compost capable top dressers had a quote for 5500 + VAT for an eco lawn applicator but reluctant to purchase for one job any suggestions to make life easier?

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  • Why compost and not dry top dressing. Would the compost not cause too much growth later in the year and be hard to handle as your post suggests. Dry top dressing or cricket loam and a lute would be much less work and may give a better finish.If poor nutrients are an issue maybe some blood fish and bone under it would give a gentle nudge
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    What about a top dressing with less sand content say 60/40 rather than usual 70/30 mix? Will hold a bit more moisture if overseeing. 

    Out of interest, when you mention "compost top dressing" could you elaborate as to the product details on that? 

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      Hi guys thanks for the replies it's a compost sand dressing basically lawns suffering from heat stress in summer had drainage installed but has caused problems. Secondly has had incorrect feed treatments which has sterilised the microbial life and scorched large sections of the lawns. 50 percent of the lawn has really bad brown patch and needs completely restoring. Soil is sandy silt that's acidic so I'm going for an 8ph sand compost mix. Sites acidic so plans to boost the microbial life retain water in summer and increase fungal and bacterial populations to manage each other. Hence the compost dressing.
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