• I hate all the battery crap being pushed at the moment. However even I can see the possible benefit of battery power on a light duty occasional use chainsaw.

    • That's the feeling I'm getting no mess should be a cleaner tool for the van, and should be powerful enough for what I need it for
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    You can't loose with an MS181 for around £210. Battery is great but if you end up processing some firewood or whatnot for a client you'll wish you had petrol.

    • Have you got a link can't see ms181 in cordless only petrol
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          I think if they can get battery saws right (as in more power like a medium to large saw) they would be brilliant as as soon as you let go of the trigger the chain stops. That's got to be better than petrol!!
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              • As you know Bill I'm a EGO freak but it's best move I ever made !! I haven't used my chainsaw yet but if it performs the same as the rest of the tool's in the range then it will be all and more that I'm likely to need !!! 


                • nice one graham that's good to hear, wouldn't mind joining the ego club myself one day, those extra volts must equal extra power, my bosch and stihl 36v cordless systems are paying for themselves nicely, i treat myself to a new tool, battery or accessory most months, as funds allow, some of those jobs i used to dread i now actually look forward to lol

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                  Very impressive you tube clip especially the final cuts , I suspect the final cuts were done on a fully charged battery but still very impressed .

                  • To be honest with the hand held lithium battery cordless tools (at least the ones I have) there is no discernible difference in performance all the way from fully charged to "empty" (i.e the point at which the battery management cuts off the power) With the lawnmowers you can notice a slight loss in performance some time before they will actually shut off, you can hear the speed of the blade drop slightly,i tend to swap out the batteries at this point.

                    • On the EGO tool's it's all or nothing there is no drop off it's full power or nothing I think the batteries have a circuit that ensures this ! as far as the 14 inch chainsaw goes EGO state up to 100 cuts per charge on a 2 AH battery !! they also state 40% more power than a typical 40 volt tool !!

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