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Morning all,

Following my (not so) recent post, I've got a design back from the signwriters for the new van and just wanted some opinions on it. Is completely different from the original I bodged up, but I like it. There's a couple of contact detail changes needed, but this is intrinsically the finished design. VW-T5_IAN_3.jpg

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        If you don't reverse up a narrow drive how do you avoid reversing out blind into the road then? Say if there was no other parking.

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          I see delivery drivers and postal workers driving straight in to some drives and then reverse straight out onto the main road on a regular basis , My thoughts are they take this risk because it's not their own vehicle . 

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    Our bonnets are sign written, big logo graphic only typically.
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    Very nice , Bold and i like the colour . 

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    Like the fact it stands out well and the lawn mower graphic does it's job nicely. Have you considered adding the word "garden" to the line under the main sign writing on each side? Stating "Domestic and Commercial garden maintenance" will make it 100% clear what you do - despite the main sign above. Just thought as it may lead some to think you do other type of maintenance.  Best of luck with it!

  • looking good, i would just add something to the bonnet, doesn't have to be in large font.

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    Think you should change the picture of the lawnmower.  Hopefully not the type of lawmower you use on your clients gardens?  Argos electric £55 !

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    It's great. Clear and simple. I think I would be tempted to put something on the bonnet, even if it was just the green and mower without your name people would have an idea what you do and look further if it was relevant.

    Great job.

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    Anyone who drives forwards into a property knowing they will have to reverse out into live traffic is an idiot in my book.

    It was mentioned in the other thread, but you should have your full name there somewhere in my book. Makes you more approachable. 'Call Tom, 07557 670733'

    Nothing wrong with the mower, it's a clip art style logo not a representation of pro lawn kit. I like it.

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    What with all the Fog and film of muck on the vehicles, roads covered with the mud , I'm minded to ask myself why did I get the contact numbers put on the bottom of the panels and doors.

    after a short while, they become invisible.

    So my tip, look at where the general splatter 'muck line' is on your vehicle and make sure your key details are put above it.

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