Shelter from the rain, gazebo?

Hi all,Not sure about you lot but here in Glasgow we have been experiencing some pretty rotten weather over the past week which is a nightmare when working with power tools.We had the idea to buy a pop up gazebo to use a "workshop" tent, meaning when building decking, fencing etc all our power tools like the mitre saws, drills and stuff would be inside the tent in a fry area meaning we could still carry on making cuts and building.Has anyone done this? Just think it would be a handy thing to have in the van for when rain hits to save stopping and restarting all the time.

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  • I'm also in Scotland.
    Last month I was working in a clients garden as were two joiners, I commented how rubbish the weather was, they said no problem and erected a gazebo, looked the business until the wind got up and blew it a hundred metres down the driveway :)
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    I've got one, it's handy. But you have to peg or weight it down properly. More for drizzle and damp than blustery conditions.

  • That's great to hear guys, I think it'll be on the shopping list... its mainly to keep the tools dry and so we can have some shelter when sawing etc
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      Pay for themselves in a day. We have a few for this purpose, even use 1 for the man mixing and 1 for laying slabs under. Definitely get the pop up think our 3mx3m was £80 and £120 for the 3mx5m's and logos were about £40 to go on the roof. Always tie down.
  • Use a caravan awning on the side of the van. You can find them second hand & they wind out in a couple of minutes.  You can even cut one down for the rear door.  

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    Go look for awning/gazebo water ballast bags. They work well and are convenient.
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    Stopping work would be my preferred option:)
    •  I like the idea of using the gazebo as a fry area, egg and bacon for me please.

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