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Hello everyone,

It's been several years since I've been on here.  And MyGardenSchool has now grown quite a lot.  We're trialling an initiative where we'd like to find 10 people who would be happy to learn together in one class  - and really feel like they would benefit from being taught by some of the best experts in the world (Piet Oudolf, Michael Marriott from David Austin, Dr Noel Kingsbury, Annie Guilfoyle, Dr Toby Musgrave and others).  I would like to offer a select group of Landscape Juice Members this opportunity to trial a course of their choice with us at (you can take your pick from there).  But you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a practising (or aspiring) gardener, landscaper or designer (ideally not formally qualified)
  • Not have experienced MyGardenSchool before
  • Willing to share your experience socially and take photographs of your work

What you will get:    This is an experiment, so we're keen to follow your progress of how you learn and interact as a group, and understand how you interact with your tutors.  

You really will get feedback from Dr Noel Kingsbury personally (or the other tutors you choose to study with).  If more than 10 people want to do this, we will split you into groups.  However we won't make this happen unless there is interest from at least 10 of you (as it's the group dynamic we want to study).  We will need you to pay something towards the course, but once we reach 10+ volunteers we are happy to reduce the price to 50% of our normal rate (eg for Annie Guilfoyle's urban design course, this is a reduction of several hundred pounds).  

Dr Noel Kingsbury and Piet Oudolf are right behind this study (as are the others), and are also producing a new course about the Highline next year.  

I thought I would post on here to gauge interest.  Here is where you can choose your course selection (we are assuming that Piet and Noel, and the higher priced courses will be chosen, as you get £100s off, but that may not be the case.  Please let me know (and happy to discuss on here) if this is of interest.  Or you can email me privately on - but I will let people know on here when we reach a group of 10.

Finally once you've all studied together, we like the idea of introducing you in person.  We are currently looking to do a small show garden at Chelsea Flower Show next year, and would like to involve some of this group in it.  

Please post here if you'd like to take part and if we do get 10 of you interested we will start the experiment (I will write back to you with the codes to access classes).  

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    So to clarify - for the 10 of you in our cohort, I'd like you all to be in one group where you study together.  This will be booked in and confirmed in the next week or so (I'll contact you individually with your codes)  We will try and find a start date that suits everyone - this doesn't have to be immediately..  I am also happy for you to use your 50% code on any other courses of your choice too during the next three months.  So you can start them on your own, either straight away, in Autumn, or with others.

    Please email me if you have individual queries.  We still have some places left.


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    I should have said as well - each of these courses is worth two CEUs (Continued Education Units) from he APLD (Association Professional Landscape Designers).   You get certificates at the end of each course (as well as tutor references on request)

  • this thread seems to be setting the alarm bells ringing to me 

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      Call me a cynic but it could be a way of generating some income quickly!
      You can't study a group of people that aren't a group of people either!!!
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        Yes you are a cynic - but that's ok.  A quick bit of research will tell you we've raised £1.5m in funding and have healthy revenues.   So whilst this is revenue generating for us - it's not going to make a big difference to us.  It's more the dynamics we're interested in.  Not sure what you mean about the group that aren't a group.  If you watch the video, you will see that there is  online group of people.  Not sure I understand the issue there.  We won't be doing this experiment unless we have a group of 10 learning together (which it looks like we will).

        I hope this addresses your questions.


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      Hello David.  Not really sure why.  We're an established business.  And always offer refunds for anyone who isn't satisfied with their experience (it's very rare).  But if for you there's alarm bells - then I'd be happy to address them, and perhaps it's not your thing.

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        Incidentally whilst there is no endorsement here, I did discuss this at some length with Phil Voice before deciding the forum here was a good place to find appropriate people do this.

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          Yes Elspeth conducting your exercise here in the forum is absolutely the right thing to do.

          What you're offering is not for all here but may be of an interest to some. All Premium members have the same opportunity to use LJN in any manner they see fit. 

  • I would be interested in doing this but only for free.

    I am currently studying with one of your competitors Landscaping and Garden Design at HND Level. In my first year and starting second year in September. I paid thousands for this course and I dont have the funds currently to pay for another course. I also have the time due to health issues so that's the main reason I am trying to move from pure maintenance to design and consultancy.

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      Hi Daniela,

      Thanks for your interest.  Good luck with your course .  We can't do this for free as we have to pay our tutors and have running costs like any business.  However should the opportunity arise I'd be happy to write to you (you'll need to let me know your email address by writing to 


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