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Hi all I'm quoting for a job to reseed a lawn that's been damaged by builders doing an extention. The existing lawn 100m2 is patchy and the customer is insistent that existing lawn be rotivated and sand be applied before top soil and seed? Is it worth applying weed killer first?and is it worth rotivation at all?CheersRic

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    If its a clay soil then sand can help.If the customer insists on rotovating then you must charge accordingly especially if you have to hire one. For weed killer they are slow to react at this time of year and far too cold for most seeds. You would be better off waiting till spring. I very rarely rotovate usually scarify, aerate, then over seed. You can apply a sandy loam mix of top dressing 70/30 or 60/40 afterwards. That should do the trick.


  • If thats what the customer wants thats what they get I say. Althought I imagine you would have to be very far south to think of seeding it in January. Turf would be a better choice this time of year although more expensive. I personally would not rotavate.
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    If the grass has to go - hire a turf cutter for £20 odd then dig over and level off if you have dry conditions beforehand. Rotorvating tends to mush up the soil structure and in wet/ damp conditions can create a pan below soil where the bottom of the tines 'skid'. 

    There is a winter grass seed that will germinate in lower temps (100% ryegrass): see HERE . 

    Preferably do the seeding much nearer spring (Normal grass seed needs at least a consistent temperature of 8-12 degrees celsius) or turf it if the mild weather continues....think about a seeding/ turfing fertiliser high in phosphorous once the warmer weather starts to encourage rooting and get the grass off to a good start or it may struggle in inconsistent weather.....

    Richard@ Progreen

  • Thanks the advice. , I'll chat with the customer and take it from there, much appreciated
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