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    Haven't booked yet but almost certainly will. My problem is that I'm due to shell out on some necessary kit now, on top of an expensive year-equipment wise, so I'm scared I'll come across something  better , or different!

    It is something I enjoy though, I reckon its all those days working alone that makes it so appealing.

    I was quite happy with last years Saltex although if I have a complaint, I would say the  outdoor demo area wasn't up to much.

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    Based on last years visit the answer is no , It wasn't really a memorable experience for me personally ,    

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    We'll be going. Always good to catch-up with suppliers.

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      hi andrew which day you going this year mate we had an extensive chat at last years event .... i ll be there on the wednesday 

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    Hi Phil, it should be the Wed too - so would be good to catch up again.

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      ok mate see you there

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    I was thinking of going this year to check out all the battery machine options from Pellenc, Husqvarna, Stihl, Ego and Echo, is this the type of things on display at Saltex these days? Cheers
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      I was a bit disappointed with the range of machinery i found last year Harry , The exhibition seemed more geared towards the professional groundsmen so there were huge expensive ride on mowers .  Echo had a stand there and there were some others but it was difficult to get anyone's attention , I felt there was a shortage of people to seek advice from , also i didn't seem to catch any outdoor demonstrations . 

      Positives were the wild flower meadow turf stand , really inspiring .  Some environmental displays of Japanese knot weed tuber like roots incredible sight . Bulldog tools and a firm called Tudor stand out for me for their helpful approachable manner and have maintained contact all year compared to the other badge zappers . Glad i made the trip to say i went but not enough to draw me back this year .

      This year could be amazing Harry , There should be a list of exhibitors somewhere on the site .   

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        Cheers John, I will make sure I look into Saltex and the stands properly before I make the track up to Birmingham, thanks mate
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      Seems like a long way to go to look at stuff you presumably want to be able to get spare parts for locally?
      By that I mean your local dealer networks.
      If on the other hand you want a new tracked wood chipper or £50k mower or massive stump grinder to name a few or are looking at fleet purchases for hundreds of thousands then yes.
      More than likely it’s just me and hating crowded spaces!!
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