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Hi guys,Might seem like an obvious answer to my question but here goes...I'm starting a general garden maintenance business and wondering what safety equipment I need and where to find the best stuff such as face masks etc for protection from fumes.Any help would be much appreciated

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    S3 safety boots good gloves. Chainsaw trousers if using chainsaws.&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
    Paper oversuits for spraying and face shield when mixing&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
    I'm going to ask a dim question in response what fumes are you encountering? I say this as you should not really be getting fumes from chemicals!<br/>
    Also safety glasses
  • Thanks for the advice Richard. Sorry, it's just fumes from the petrol machinery, don't want to be breathing that in on a daily basis
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      Too be honest short of breathing apparatus you can't avoid the fumes. A standard face mask, like wot the doctors wear, works but gets very hot and itchy in summer. Best advise i can give is make sure you maintain your equipment properly, use the right mixes on the 2 stroke, use good quality oil, change air filters regularly, use good petrol (cheap supermarket stuff is cheap for a reason), check the exhaust is not broken/faulty, and when using try and avoid standing downwind!
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    There is a fair bit of support for Aspen fuel, reduces fumes and is much less toxic. 

    I don't use it due to cost, but I know others that do. Worth a look.

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    In terms of general safety kit you shouldn't skimp. Steel toe cap boots/shoes are an absolute. There isn't one of us who hasn't got a scarey story about nearly loosing toes! Protective googles (trust me you don't want a night of pain in A and E with a thorn in your eye!!), ear defenders...what?....,I SAID EAR DEFENDERS! and of course good gloves. If your off chainsawing you'd be a fool to not at least wear chainsaw trousers but I'd recommend the whole kit. Spraying ... standard PPE. Oh the list is endless. Just don't take shortcuts.
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