I spent best part of 3-4 days week before last doing my H & S form, paperwork etc etc.

After persuading my only blue chip client to call SC to speed up my audit, which they will do in 1-2 days, if you are a client of one of SC client chip clients list.

Had a call today from Keith to say he was happy with my paperwork and would be awarding us the safe contractor accreditation.

No for some good hard selling ! 

PA 1 & 6, Safe Contractor, all completed inside a couple of weeks, well happy, as I though I'd have to spend out on a 3rd party H & S co to help me complete the paperwork.

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    I am looking at this route myself? Any tips or even.... how did you go about this?

    Mant thanks

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    Thanks - 1 reply, wondered what you had to do to get a reply! Thanks Jonny. I rang them up, SC based in wales. They explained the procedure how much for your type of co and siZe. You pay up front for 12 years. This is front your payment date, so please make sure your forms are in asap after. They send you all the questionnaires online. You have to send all your paperwork back to them and they access it, from one of their auditors. This is 4-8 Weeks at present. However they have a list of 250 blue chip clients. If you are clients of any of those 250 to can ask them to ask SC to speed up the audit. They will do it inside 3-4 days. This was done for me, courtesy of a client of mine, thank god. Poxy 4-8 weeks!!!
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      Cheers Andy!! I'll give them a ring some time this week and go from there! 


  • Well done! All the best, Ted.

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