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Well as summer seems to have abandoned the south east I've pulled out my wet weather boots and found that the sole has come away. I like rigger boots as I can tuck my trousers in so no soggy cuffs and easy to pull off and on when I need to go inside customers houses. I have always bought cheap £30-40 ones which last 1-1.5 years before leaking but I stick on a pair of seal skin waterproof socks to prolong their life so I don't notice once the inevitable leak starts. I discovered the joys of these socks through mountain biking. They really are awesome and if a rainy summer day is forecast I stick them on with my summer shoes as I really hate wet feet. 

Anyway to the point I'm considering spending a bit more on boots to get longer out of them. £60-£80. What can you recommend that will last at least 2 years or more before falling apart? Rigger only. Thanks.

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  • Hi Helen, 

    Would you say that riggers are better than wellies? I use wellies in the rain, but find that my feet perspire and then get cold feet as the socks are wet too. Completely defeating the purpose.

    I looked on the net and there are so many different types of riggers, some with fur, would you recommend those with fur for the winter?

    Currently I use trekking boots for work all year round. I go through 4 pairs a year at least, also because I need them to air out and dry out. So I have a rota for them. 

    I am also interested in your comment about the seal skin socks. I dislike socks that are very tight on my ankles and lower legs. Are these socks tight? Would they live pressure marks on the legs when you take them off, showing where they cut into the skin?

    • PRO

      No they are not tight and they do several lengths and thicknesses. They are breathable so I can wear them on a warm/wet day with non waterproof shoes or with boots in winter and they keep you warm and you can put on a pair of wet shoes and not notice! I don't like wellies as they are too hot/long and not so comfortable or warm in winter. Riggers are normally fleece lined but the loose top allows heat to escape I find.

  • Steel toe capped wellies for me!

    I used to try and find the riggers which were the full moulded ones as instead of the ones with separate uppers and soles.

    I spent £80 on my last steel toe capped wellies and they lasted me about 11 months before the soles wore down.
  • One of the guys on here recommended

    I got the catalogue. Lots of boots in there, but no riggers from what I could see. Could have more online though. Special discounts as well if you buy 3 pairs or more.

  • PRO

    Been raining all day so had some time to look about and found these which are waterproof due to being leather but no membrane and not stitched sole.

    but really like the look of these and like the stitched sole and it has a proper waterproof membrane but I can't find where to buy them:

    • Yeah, with Buckler one has to register a trade account before buying. Or even seeing the price for that matter.

      Then there is the weight to consider. They may be very heavy on the feet. 

      • PRO

        Statement about Buckler is not entirely true - they supply boots through dealers (as do all manufacturers). You can often find them in farming stores (certainly thats where I get mine from). Sometimes you can find end of line Buckler product on Ebay or via internet suppliers. I have had Buckler B500 work boots for about 4 years now, VERY well made, good strong boots - not cheap at circa £70 a time though.

        • OK, I only looked at Bucklers main website and one has to sign up to see prices. I probably would never wear riggers anyway as I have small feet and they don't do my size. I have yet to see boots like that which could fit me. Hence me sticking with my trekking boots. 

          Also no farm shops in my area. I probably would have to venture further out into Kent.

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    I have always liked rigger boots myself. I would think getting 1 year out of a pair of boots is fine really. Just start each new season with a new pair :)

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      Just think it's a bit environmentally unfriendly if I can get some decent ones to last longer that be great

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