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Morning guys,

Im looking to buy a new or nearly new ride on which collects and Im wondering what you guys are running? Im currently using two Toro Turfmasters to cover a 3 acre site every two weeks although they do the work in around four hours the finish is terrible and I could go on about the faults on the machine but I wont!

I need a machine which collects in wet or dry, 48" atleast and commercial grade.

Im looking at the top end Countax 50" which looks to fit the bill.

I'm looking to spend between £5 and £8k, So Countax could give me brand new or a nearly new leading brand such as John deere.

Ideally I would love a 60" Kubota with hydraulic box lift to go straight in to the transit tipper but to much £££

Let me know what you guys run and any other suggestions please.


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  • Hi Matt

    We have a Kubota GZD21 with a high tip box, it's a zero turn and although they take a bit of getting used to they are much quicker than a regular mower, pull one lever back, push the other forward and you turn 180 degrees, so much quicker than having to do a three point turn at the end of every pass, I paid £4500 for it with 600 hours, I saw a mint one with a 100 hours recently for £6000 inc vat.

    Pluses are Kubota reliabilty (so far), cheap service parts, £40 for a set of deck belts, filters £7-12, scalp wheels £8.00 all genuine parts, very manouverable, the deck is offset so you can mow up to fences and walls, hang the deck over borders etc. Wet collection is good unless you are talking long wet grass where it will collect but not fill the box, finish is excellent, as well as commercial sites we cut a lot of domestic grass with ours. Very frugal 21hp motor that runs on red diesel, 48" deck

    Bad points, the regular fit blades are poor in wet conditions, imho it's essential to fit a set of high lift blades (£95.00) which transform wet collection - cant think of any others.

    If you don't fancy zero turn your budget will buy you a low hours 21hp 48" deck kubota gd21, you'll find a high tip version for the top of your budget, also consider the Iseki SXG's, I know someone who has one and it's excellent in the wet. Ditto Etesia's.

    If it was me I would buy a good second hand Kubota/Iseki rather than a new Contax, haven't heard anything good about John Deere's in the wet.

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      one of the competition round my way has one which I like, thanks.

  • I run a Westwood V20/50 (biggest they do I think). Collects in the wet due to the rotating brush. Cut width of 51inches and a roller for stripes, It receives £250 on it in maintenance per year. Briggs engine. Engine is actually faultless. Issues have generally been with the electronics and principally those concerned with the safety features so I have bypassed them. Any other issues are general wear and tear. 

    Yes its done me well and I'd probably replace with another one but its not so good that I wouldn't look at other brands aswell

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    I've recently purchased a Kubota GR2120. The cut on this mower is fantastic, collects in both wet & dry. (3 blades) and just at the upper limits of your budget. I can also cut all day on a full tank of diesel with plenty left over. Ive had a few teething problems but over all very satisfied.
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    Are Countax's commercial grade? I thought they were all domestic.

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      top of the range diesel claims to be.

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    Some of the John deere's look interesting and within budget. The technology looks great. I have a meeting with a dealer next week to go over the options.

    thanks for the replies guys

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    So the turfmaster is not the answer to all our prayers then.

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      Currious - what was causing them to let you down? We weather performance? Mulching?

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        No performance in even slightly damp conditions
        Cannot pack a grass box
        Cut to high
        Under powered
        Side discharge shute clogs

        List goes on
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