I hardly get any junk emails to my business email as I am very careful about ticking (or un-ticking) boxes on websites etc.  Learnt my lesson from my private email which is constantly bombarded with crap.

But I have had three obvious scam emails today and a couple from IOG and a "scam" phone call trying to get me to advertise in some Police magazine but the guy was clearly making it up as he went along.

Just wondered if it was connected to registering for Saltex as I do recall a spike in junk last year straight after Saltex.

Anyone else?

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    To be honest I've not had any such junk mail, despite registering for Saltex. I've had that police magazine ring me before but that was when I had a landline for business.

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    I had a new one today along the lines of the police magazine!
    Claiming to represent Lincolnshire trading standards!
    Publishing a magazine and having 20 trades with only one of each trade allowed to be in it!
    Loads of patter suggesting that as I'm reputable I should support this magazine to help stamp out rouge traders! At that point I told him no and put the phone down!
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      After I very nearly fell for one of these two years ago I got call recording for my phone, can't remember thee app name (android) but when in a call with someone you can press a button to start recording. Not been called by the bastards since though so not had a chance to record it for action fraud.

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    Got the IOG email today about taking part in a survey and a bit later a phone call from a number i don't recognise . The email reads ''please let us assure you this email is not spam'' I didn't succumb to clicking on the link . 

  • 3!!! you're lucky. i probably get about 25 a day and it doesnt matter what i uncheck, remove etc still get plenty. also noticed a lot recently that come in with attachments marked as invoices etc

    with regards cold callers i find a chainsaw at full revs near the phone works wonders

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    Had the police one today, asked for t's and c's and got a silence. Don't know where they are sourcing it but I guess out details have been pulled from somewhere. _i haven't applied or signed up to saltex.
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    I am constantly bombarded with spam emails loads of funding one's, business and scam my junk box has loads in which I usually empty once a week. If it's not spam email it's PPI phone calls or insurance.  These spam calls now use local or mobile numbers.

    With the Police type scams be very careful what you say to these people because they will take any instance of you saying yes as an indication you want to proceed. Next thing you know you have a bill in the post. Best thing is just to cut them off without having any conversation.

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