Quoting fencing jobs per m.

Hi guys!We currently work out our fencing quotes by measuring the site then working out the materials required add on labour + any jobs = our price.We think it might be easier for us to charge quotes a per metre cost but wondering what this should be.Most other companies in the area are around the £50/£60 per m rate for a 6ft Slatted Fence do we attempt to come in at the same rate or not?Our average cost based on other quotes is around £47 per m (all inclusive)Don't want to end up over pricing the jobs as per m pricing is new to us.Marc

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    Per metre pricing works for me, makes it easy. For closeboard in 3m bay kit form (as opposed to the panels you get) I look for £70-80/m- good money in this once you have all the tools and a good discount upon the materials.

    • Thanks Ben,
      Yeah we buy materials raw, i.e. Slats rails posts Postcrete nails and per m cost for a standard Slatted Fence with 20mm spacing is around £23 average (not including any supplier discounts)
      So I am guessing asking for £50 per m including labour is reasonable for this?

      For closeboard fencing our cost would be around £25 per metre so we would be around £55 per metre.

      For featheredge fencing we would be around £30 costs and charge around £60 per metre.

      Not sure if I am under or over pricing this?
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        £65 - £75 per metre is the average asking price in my area. Go cheaper on larger or easier jobs, go expensive on pain in the ass or smaller jobs. Works very conveniently for me pricing per metre, although I recently did a 70 metre stretch and costed it as a job rather than per metre as I wanted to ensure I got the work, it was a nice job.
        • Yeah our average is around £50 - £60 per metre.

          We recently quoted a job for 60m closeboard using the materials plus labour method and come in roughly £500 under other quotes who used the per m rates so I get what you mean about the if you really want the job it works more beneficial to do it that way but for the simple 15m jobs a per m price will be better and easier
          • Sounds about right on price given we dont do closed board up here due to the 100mph winds we get
  • In glasgow area its about £50 a metre for 6 foot fence.more about selling yourself than price around here. Lowest price equals pain in the arse customer in this case.
    • Hi Graeme,
      Thanks for your input. Seems that your not too far from us as we are also based in Glasgow.

      £50 per m seems to be the going rate, however we did quote a job today at £45 per metre because of the length involved.
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      I'm in glasgow to and £50 per meter is my price and know others who charge this.
      • Thanks Matt,
        Great to hear from others in the area.

        We are looking at £50 per m for a standard Slatted Fence with 20mm spacing.

        Do you mind me asking what your rates would be for featheredge fencing? We are thinking £60 per m
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          Never done one before!
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