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Been asked to remove 100sqm of Tarmac and replace with topsoil.I assume removal of base but not seen the site yet to quote (tomorrow going to site). Clearly a mini digger. Don't know what size of skip I need any ideas? Also man hours as never done something like this size.Help please

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    Suggest you check a small section - see what the tarmac depth is and if it has a sub-base, without that information you will have no idea. Consider a Grabaway service if access allows.Allow for bulking factor.

    Caveat Quote to cater for any hidden obstacles / issues etc. What if you find concrete underneath etc.?

    Make sure you confirm scope of job and required finish (ie replace with topsoil implies it will be seeded or turfed ?) So, will state of ground under tarmac support their final requirements ? 

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    Trial dig is important here only then you will get a rough idea how much waste you will be dealing with.

    Even if the original person laid only 2" of hard-core over the area, that could be 10 ton of the stuff not to mention the tarmac.

    Gary's idea of the grab truck is best. I'm sure they hold 14 ton or 2 skip worth.

    I don't think this job sounds worthwhile when you consider what could go wrong.
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    Thanks guys I'm thinking it's way to much work as well

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    Find out how deep it is. Say it's 150mm deep including a bit of base. That's approx 7.5m3 of rubbish- multiply this by 2 for (very approx) tonnes. So that's 15t. Grab wagon holds 18t approx. Rip it up carefully with digger and pile in corner. Get a full wagon of topsoil in (can always go on a bit thicker) Tip him up, then he picks up the waste. Negotiate special rate for only one trip. Grade it out (use tooth bucket, you'll never get it perfect with grader bucket so why bother) then rake in some grass seed. In the pub by 5 (maybe)

    Topsoil and muckaway: £400

    Digger and driver for a day: £300

    £700 * 1.4 for profit = £980.

    • Less than £10.00 per sq m - sounds very good value to me, Ben!

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        £280 profit, doesn't sound right & also the estimated weight and amount is underestimated.

        I always remember 1 tonne of hard-core will cover 10sqm at 2" thick.

        I bet at 150mm you could be looking at 20ton min to 25.
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          You could put as much profit on as you think the job will stand- it was only a rough guide to costs.

          A solid cube of tarmac is approx 2.4t. So ripped stuff varies between about 1.6t to 2t per m3

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        I'd have to see the job but I'd like to think I'm good value. As with all these jobs once you have your own local contacts, your own digger etc it becomes a lot easier to make money on them.

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