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Evening all,I'm a newbie to this so please bear with me. Have had a standard account but just upgraded to pro Membership.I'd just like to know a couple of things if anyone is able to help:1. I've heard LJN is great for SEO, how exactly does it work and what do I need to do with my account?2. Is it possible to subscribe to forum notifications for particular topics such as fencing or tree surgery?Anyway, look forward to reading your posts and replies, hopefully I can return th favour one day with a little of my knowledge.Cheers, Paul

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    Hi Paul

    I believe it was me that told you how good this place is for SEO.

    Your already doing enough to make it work for you i.e your profile page is filled in with the link to all your different bits and bobs, for best SEO put a link from your website to here too.

    Welcome to the club :)

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      Hi Robbie, it certainly was! I'll let my web designers know to put a link on. Presumably something like - 'member of landscape juice network' with an embedded link to this homepage would suffice? Or better to link it to my LJN profile?
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      Oh and thanks for the welcome! :)
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    Hi Paul,

    It is possible to subscribe to such notifications. If you go to the tree surgery forum section (, scroll to the bottom of the posts and there is a small "follow" button on the right. Click it and you will get an email every time a new post is started in that category.

    You can "follow" individual posts too. :-)

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      That's awesome, thanks for the reply Daisy. I see your company is in Somerset? Just up the road! Hope the rain hasn't been as bad for you as it has us?!
      • PRO Supplier

        We almost thought about buying a canoe to get to work!

        Some localised flooding, thankfully it's soaked away now. My garden looks terrible though, it's been too wet on the weekends for me to get out there and tidy up!

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    Hi Paul

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Firstly, thank you for supporting LJN:)

    LJN ranks extremely well (thanks for the recommendation Robbie:)

    Your profile looks good and is linked well.

    I'd now consider adding a few blog posts, drilling down on some keywords that aim to draw potential clients to your services and to the location(s) you operate.

    If you need any help optimising, please leave a message here or pm me.

    Good luck.


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      Hi Phil, thanks for the reply. I must be stupid! How do I leave a blog post? I have been looking and can't seem to find a way of posting a new blog!
This reply was deleted.

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