Pricing paving jobs per m?

Hi guys,So just wondering if anyone prices paving jobs by m2 or if you do it the same way as us and cost materials + days labour fee = total?My way of thinking is that m2 pricing will be easier when giving quotes?I have worked out that when using 600x600x50mm slabs (usually for shed bases) with type 1 and dry laid on sand base with cement and landscape fabric our material cost is around £25 per m2 add labour to this and it works out at £60 per m2.This was achieved by taking the total cost of a recent job and dividing it by the total m2.Does £60 per m seem about right or am I shooting myself in the foot with this?

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    Not far of at that.

    I use m2 price for a guide. If it's a straight forward job and if client asks on the spot I will work it out this way but saying its approx then go and work out a proper quotation on paper, Ialways think clients prefer this. Gives you away of checking your price to.

    Smaller jobs will work out dearer per m2 as well .

    If busy work and quoting wise I will quote this way to save time.

    As long as you remember to add any extras in price edging, drainage, manholes, extra build up material etc
    • Thanks mate much appreciated!

      Will definitely be switching to per m pricing for most things as time goes by as it's so much easier and quicker to quote jobs.
  • the price for the paving can differ enormously just to buy it never mind the cost of laying it (spot or full bed) what will the foot fall be etc.  

    • I understand what you mean David,
      Over the coming weeks we will be putting together a per m2 price structure for all our paving which will vary from £60 - £90 per m2 depending on the paving used and the site. Well that's today's plan anyway this could all change next week lol
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      m2 does work, you know all your prices per m2 for tegula, standard block, sandstone sawn etc and factor any differences in but always worth  checking your price!

      We normally do full garden projects and always get asked "what's it going to cost" and we have a m2 range for this to. It helps save time as some people think they can get the work done for £2k when materials are £3k !! and you know its not worth your time.

      Hope no one spot beds any of there work! 

      • We had a case of this yesterday Richard, the customer wanted the full garden transformed 50m2 Sandstone Calibrated Paving, co plate drainage, jungle removed at back of garden, all turf removed, 6 tonne of wood chip laid and plants planted...... our quote come in at just over £4K and she said someone had quoted £2.5k which in my opinion will just cover our materials.

        All paving is on a full mortar bed (with the exception of shed bases that are on a type 1 and Sand Bed)
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