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Wonder if you guys can help, what do people charge for grounds maintenance, commercial I have been asked to quote for a car parked area of a small supermarket, this would include pruning shrubs, leaf clearance, areas around ground level strimmed and a small patch to mow.

I know its probably vague but if we could start somewhere would be good

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    Chris, can't help you with prices as we all have differing costs and locations.

    Start by simply breaking the work down. Get a pad or use excel and list each and every component. Review each component to assess what kit is needed and how much time at your work rate would be needed. Apply your own internal charging rate (which you will have worked or have to hand). If not, 'Do not pass Go' until you have done this search LJN or use the calculator ( accessible at foot of Home page)

    Once you have this it becomes much simpler for you and could be realistically discussed by others, otherwise we're all just shooting fish in a barrel ....

    Don't forget to Include consumables, waste & travel etc.

    Once you've done this once, you have your own little pricing sheet which you can keep using and refine once you get (of loose) this job.

    Good luck
  • Hi Yes I have my hourly rate that i charge domestic but wondered what the difference in pricing is for commercial

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    If you've this figure to hand then price it upon that, if it includes all the elements needed.

    Also I meant to add; ensure your PLI is modified with your broker, allow extra admin time for likely RAMS paperwork, ensure you've necessary EA waste license and can prove duty of care to your client for any waste generated and removed from site.

    You need to price it with your costs - there's no point in winning the job using some one else's costs if you then end up losing money.

    Only you know the size & complexity of the site and what is charged (albeit domestically) in your locale
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      I'm not being obscure but what someone else charges is largely irrelevant.

      Price it up, give some context to site, update the thread and hopefully that will generate more comments
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    Price it high, supermarkets can be a nightmare. Every man and his dog will be claiming your strimmer operator damaged his car.

    I exaggerate, but it's much higher risk than normal gardens.

  • Commercial work can be higher or lower price than domestic. It all depends! Are you one man or have you got staff? Quote a healthy will likely be undercut but in all honesty it's simply not worth doing this kind of work for peanuts.
  • Pricing up a service can be a complex procedure as it has several layers to it.

    The first part is that you should know roughly how long it takes to do a job. For example, how long it takes to mow 100 square meters of grass etc.

    Once you are able to determine the length of time to complete the job, then comes the process of costing it that time, and any additional time required for travelling to the job. This involves working out all your costs for the direct labour, vehicle, machinery, and fuel.

    When you know the estimated costs, you can apply the gross profit margin so as to produce a price for the job.

  • Complex Pricing.

    I just wanted to point out that pricing up a simple job can be complex.

    If we take an average garden that has 200 square meters of lawn, the amount of time it takes to mow this depends on:-

    • The type and size of mower
    • The shape of the lawn
    • Any obstacles  
    • Grass is wet or dry
    • Distance from vehicle to Lawn
    • Amount of cuttings to be taken away
    • Etc Etc

    So it will take far less time if the grass is short and dry on a nice sunny day, than it will if the grass is long, wet and it's raining.

    You can apply these types of variables to almost every other job in the landscape maintenance industry.

    Also, Just because it may take 20 minutes to mow 200 square meters, does not mean that it is going to take 10 minutes to mow 100 square meters, nor is it going to take 30 minutes to mow 300 square meters.

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      What is 1st Garden Maintenance’s workload split between commercial and residential ?

      Is that how Lance prices every job or is that your responsibility ?
      • We have about 40% commercial.

        SA software gives us a good guide as to what we need to charge.

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