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          Bear in mind though at some point you need to be pricing by the day and if the job doesn't fill the day the rate needs to go up.

          Be aware though I am rubbish at achieving a good average day rate and that is what it is all about.

          I smile when I read some of the posts on this forum when someone says they earn say £30 in three quarters of an hour , so they're on £40/ hour, no they aren't. If they only get three jobs done in a day they are on £90/ day, however actually that isn't a disaster for many people as it is possibly gross of over £20,000/ year for less than three hours actual work a day. Which on the face of it if you have a predictable work load looks great, but you can't mow grass every working day of the year and trying to maintain a predictable work load in the landscaping, grounds maintenance or general property maintenance industry is neigh on impossible, generally it is either feast or famine.

          Trying to maintain a target of three or four small jobs a day as a electrician, where every job is a one off means finding around 15-20 customers a week totalling around 850/ year and that's a killer.

          So then I weigh up establishing a mowing round and once again I found myself having a chat with a landscaper who has been there, done that and got the T-shirt. He was working at the same house as me hard landscaping having cut his mowing round to one day a fortnight just keeping on one commercial and several domestic customers, the hard landscaping for private customers is more predictable work and he is not waiting months to be paid for the commercial work. The window cleaner tells the same story, he has ditched the commercial work, one firm had had the windows cleaned half a dozen times before they paid for the first clean.

          So my take on it is you need to set a minimum daily average rate that may be lower than your actual hourly rates to cover unpaid nonproductive time.

  • All depends what kind of fencing what kind of patio and how much prep work is involved. Normally though the more fencing that needs to be done the cheaper per post and panel it will be up to a point. If I have to get two or three skilled guys in for two or three days to dig up remove loads of stuff from and prepare an area first, it's more difficult, takes time, involves specialist tool hire etc and is therefore more expensive. I find customers most often than not have pie in the sky visions of what things would/should cost (because they've watched a few 5 grand garden makeover shows.. ) and balk when told the actual figure is twice what they were expecting to pay and their original price barely covers material costs. Seems people hate paying for skilled labour, though would never think twice of paying ridiculous call out fees for a plumber or electrician...
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